Kildare North: Final Tally

The final tally figures are in:

FG 23.5%,

Lab 8.4%,

FF 28.4%,

SF 6.5%,

AAA-PBP 1.6%,

Renua 2,

SD 22.5,

Ind .2,

Greens 3

Murphy’s in, Durkan too. Lawless should be the guy for Fianna Fail. After that, it seems likely to me that, provided the transfer policy was there, O’Rourke will also be elected for Fianna Fail. Stagg won’t get the transfers, Cronin is a bit too low to effectively challenge, and the overall Fine Gael numbers aren’t big enough to get two in. Murphy’s transfers might alter everything if most of them went to Cronin, so we’ll see.

In other news, that a disappointing, but not super surprising, number for AAA-PBP. More surprising is the Inds, that .2 percent to be divided among four people, I thought Young would do better than that. Greens not in contention, but doing better than Renua, who are way down.

Once actual numbers come in, I’ll have more.

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