NFB’s Top Ten For The Year (2015)

2015 is up, and as per my tradition, I’d like to take a moment to list out the most popular posts of the year. The vast, vast majority are film reviews, which will get their own section. It’s been a decent year for the site, and I hoping to carry forward the regular updates, continued series and maybe a few new things here and there, into 2016.

Film Reviews

10. Jurassic World

9. Birdman

8. Gett: The Trail Of Viviane Amsalem

7. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

6. Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot

5. Big Hero 6

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

3. Shaun The Sheep Movie

2. The Dead Lands

1. Ex Machina


10. Revolutionary Remembrance: Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins (Part Three)

9. Revolutionary Remembrance: Stephen Jordan

8. Ireland’s Wars: A Summary Of The War Of The Two Kings

7. In Detail: Iron Man – Stark Vs Stane (01.45.18 – 01.53.21)

6. Ireland’s Wars: James Flight And The 1690 Siege Of Athlone

5. Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: 75 Days Out

4. Ireland’s Wars: The Fall Of Athlone

3. Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: 89 Days Out

2. Revolutionary Remembrance: Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins

1. Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: Why I’m Not Voting “No” (Part One)

OK 2016, you’re up.

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