Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: An Appeal

Things are getting busier and busier with the campaign, as the litany of articles, debates and news items I have collected over the last week shows. Such is the volume, that I am compelled to start splitting posts up on this general; topic, so that things get a bit more readable.

For now, I want to make an appeal, and it will be one of the last ones.

The referendum, at time of writing, is less than a month away, little more than three and a half weeks. As I have repeatedly stated, it is my considered belief that the battle over this referendum is less about convincing “undecided’s” to vote “Yes”, but to get the already sizable amount of declared “Yes” voters to actually go and vote on May 22nd. The issue is, and always has been, that too much of that swath of “Yes” inclined people are from demographics that do not actually get out and vote in strong numbers, a weakness that the seeming minority of “No” voters will not share.

The time for registering to vote if you have not already done so, or of changing constituency from one area to another, is fast approaching an end line. The process is not a complex one, but can require exchange of letters between county councils and such, meaning that it is not as simple as filling out a form and getting a Garda to sign it. The process of registering or changing constituency takes a few days, which means that the closing date for all of that – the close of business on May 5th – is deceptive. In truth, you need to have your part of the process done before that. Within the next seven days I would suggest

So, if you are “Yes” inclined, as I believe the majority of my readership is, but have not yet registered to vote, changed constituency, or if you have already decided that you will not cast a ballot on May 22nd, I am asking, pleading, seeking for you to reconsider now. Because now is the time to reconsider, and go about the process. This vote will get sunk if apathy, complacency and dismissiveness reigns, and I don’t want to be banging out another denunciation of the Irish electorate on May 23rd if the turnout is as low as the last few referendums.

Please, please, please, make your voice heard. It’s not enough to express “Yes” sentiments, to decry “No” falsehoods, or even to campaign in whatever way, shape or form. You have to vote if this is going to pass, and we all have to vote in numbers. A reasonable turn-out, and this referendum is won. And what a win it will be. Not a garbled European Treaty ratified, or some reform enacted or rejected. It will be a win to be unequivocally proud of.

So, please, if you have not done so already, go about signing up or changing constituency. It is not a difficult action, and it is not a decision that you will regret. If and when we get the word of a “Yes”, you can celebrate fully with the rest of us, knowing that you contributed in the most important way. Thanks for reading, and thanks for considering.

Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled linkdump.

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