The Lord Of The Rings, Chapter By Chapter: A Long Expected Rewrite

My posts going through The Lord of the Rings on a chapter by chapter basis were some of my early attempts at review/analysis, and have been some of the most constantly viewed and read pieces on the site. But, looking back, I can’t say that I’m super happy with them. A large part of me feels they’re written a bit shoddily and could do with some sprucing up. I’ve been meaning to start in on that for a while, but the effort of writing so much about that book meant that I wanted a cool-off period of a few years before getting into it once again.

But here we are. Starting with the first three chapters, polished, updated and enlarged, I’m going to be doing edits to that post series in sequence, with the hope of maybe doing one a week until completion. Offering more thoughts, trying to enliven the analysis with the help of a few years more writing experience, and ditching the stuff on the film’s, because it just seems sort of like an unnecessary afterthought reading back. I thought about re-posting the edited efforts, but feel like that would be a step too far. I will be promoting them on social media though, as they are completed.

Only the three done so far of course, click above, but if you’re interested in the rest, as they are, you can check out the index here.

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