The Last Hobbit Trailer

Another trailer, another analysis courtesy of yours truly. Let’s kick on and have a look shall we? Spoilers, I guess.

-A big and obvious emphasis is going to be on Thorin and the “gold-sickness” it seems, the trailer going back to the idea of him turning into his grandfather repeatedly. It’s a good avenue to take for Thorin, though I sort of hope it isn’t egged as much as the trailer would indicate. Softly, softly.

-I’m struck, by this trailer and the first, by how little we see of Smaug’s attack on Lake-town, just a few glimpses here and there (and just one look at the dragon, in the first trailer). That either means it’s going to be an amazing sequence they’re just teasing out, or it isn’t finished yet. Remembering some documentaries I’ve seen on WETA, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the second one. The drama over a single Mumak shot in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields is something to see.

-There’s a group shot of the company, minus Thorin, inside the Lonely Mountain here, which I think is a bad choice. Four of the dwarves were left in Lake-town at the end of Desolation, and I thought the point was to create a sense that one or more of them might get consumed by dragon fire. But, as this trailer makes clear, they all make it out. I thought for a bit that James Nesbitt’s Bofur was missing, but he’s just hidden behind someone else. A strange move.

-Bilbo’s in that shot somewhere by the way. They try to give him a bit of an emphasis in the trailer, but it seems likely that it’ll be a struggle to give him adequate screen time to justify the actual title of the film.

-The gates of Erebor are collapsing for some reason. Probably a big and loud effect for the titular battle.

-That looks like Thrainduil in Dol Guldar, looking for something that belongs to him? Not sure what that’s about really, what could Sauron have that the Woodland King wants? Rings?

-The Peter Jackson bestiary gets added too seemingly, now with giant bats, which are probably more than a little similar to the bats from his King Kong. I’m sure the purists are whining, as is their constant want, but they’re no more ridiculous than giant eagles really.

-Christopher Lee is back, and heading for a showdown with Sauron. That should be interesting to see, for a lot of different reasons. Is Saruman already corrupt in Jackson’s vision, or is this the moment of seduction?

-Troll artillery! That’s the way to do it! Maybe that’s what is bringing down the Dwarf statues.

-Some focus on Fili and Kili in the trailer, most notably Kili. The depiction of him seems to indicate some anger and recklessness, traits that will likely play a part in his (provided Jackson stays faithful to that part) death. Fili too.

-Hmm, a brief look at that Tauriel/Kili plot too. I still don’t want to say “Love plot” because so far the love part is all one sided. A total wildcard. Both of them could be dead by the end of the film.

-Action, action, action. The battle on the title seems like it will be a very long sequence indeed, and the plot of the film could actually get lost in it somewhat.  We’ll see.

Not long now!

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