NFB’s Fourth Birthday

Another year has come and gone on NFB, which now celebrates its fourth birthday. As is tradition at this point, I’d like to give a rundown of my favourite posts of the past twelve months, with some brief thoughts on each. These are not my most popular posts of the last year, which I like to list out every New Years Day, just the ones that I think are higher in quality than other things on NFB (in my own opinion). In no particular order:

Review: Pacific Rim

You get reviews that you just enjoy writing, even with their length, ands this was one of those. A very over-rated film that I had a lot to say about. Still like that picture of a Megazord I snuck in.

Syria, Libya And The Endor Problem

My thoughts on geopolitics and warfare are getting rarer and rarer, but this was the culmination of several thought processes. I first considered the “Endor Problem” years ago, this was just putting down on paper (so to speak).

On That Limerick Minor/Hawk-Eye Controversy…

Just another I enjoyed writing. False outrage is something that I despise and this was a doozy.

The Seanad Referendum: Why I’m Voting “Yes”

It was a failing effort, but I still hold that saving the Seanad is one of the worst electoral decisions the Irish people have ever made. Zero sign of No side’s promised reform any time soon.

Ireland’s Wars: Benburb

This is one of the longer entries for this series this year, but one I am really happy with it. It’s a proper Irish epic, with the almost niche quality of being a decisive Irish success. And yet, so little noted today.

Constitutional Convention: Blasphemy

Short and sweet, but sometimes those can be the hardest ones to nail down properly.


I had been meaning to write this one out for a while, and it went through several drafts. My own personal approach to reviewing is, to put it mildly, an evolving thing that alters constantly. But there are a few things that I try and stick to. It was nice to elaborate on them.

Review – Thor: The Dark World

Another really lengthy one, but the kind of review where writing it didn’t really feel like much of a bother at all. That, and I had lots to say and felt I got it out clearly.

Review – The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

This one was a monster that I actually took a break from other posts to write out properly. But I was very satisfied with the final product. I find these films have been dismissed far too casually by many, so it’s almost a point of pride to actually go into them in great detail, to find flaws and positives.

Revolutionary Remembrance: Complexity

Glad to be able to stick one of these in here. I often relegate this series to a place where it’s something I turn to if I have nothing else planned, but this was a specific topic I had been formulating in y head for a while. It’s a theme I’ll probably come back to at some point.

So that’s another birthday. Thanks go to all readers, commenter’s, Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Please continue to read and comments, I need the hits to avoid the hollowness inside engulfing me completely.

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