Super Bowl XLVIII Liveblog

Movie trailers, musical performances, funny ads and, if we’re lucky, a little bit of American football. It was Super Bowl Sunday. My thoughts throughout the night:

2100: Tonight’s game see’s the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Bronco’s for the Vince Lombardi trophy. Fun fact: a new trophy is made every year in the exact same design because reasons (this is dumb).

2103: American networks covering the event love their “stories” or narratives surrounding games, and this edition of the Super Bowl has a few doozy’s. You’ve got Bronco’s QB Peyton Manning seeking a sort of “redemption” for his perceived post-season terribleness over the years, Seattle’s quest to get over a decade’s long drought of sporting success and the inevitable Richard Sherman meltdown at the conclusion regardless of the result.

2106: Most of the above narratives are, of course, total nonsense. Manning’s already won one Super Bowl and has had his most successful season in years, cities like San Diego have a far worse loss streak in all sports than Seattle and Richard Sherman’s outbursts are as exaggerated as they are largely pointless. But this is the Super Bowl, an event created and fed by a hype machine of gigantic proportions, matched only by the pinnacles of others sports, like World Cup Finals and Olympic showdowns. It has to have its stories.

2109: Some might well wonder what I find so captivating about American football. The sport has its fair share of detractors across the pond, for a variety of reasons. It’s one of the most “stop and start” games ever made making it seem boring, it’s saturated with advertisements, its physicality seems meagre next to sports like Rugby and there are many unpleasant aspects of the sport at a deeper level (not least the way it treats college players). But I still love it. It’s one of the most purely tactical games you can find because of its inherent nature – setting up a new play every few seconds – which allows a real test of coaching intelligence and player knowledge, far more than you can find in other sports. Even with that, every play has the ability to produce something wonderfully special – a long running TD, a 60 yard reception, a thundering sack or even just a comical fumble. That unpredictability and tension filled aspect is what sucks me in.

2112: And there is also the natural pageantry. The cheerleading, the banners, the testosterone filled nature of the game. The Super Bowl is the apex of that, as jet fighters screech overhead, national anthems are belted out in style and all before the half-time show, which is all too frequently a train wreck of the craziest proportions. That’s why I like the sport. It’s a total experience.

2115: I am a true neutral of this game. I favour no teams on any level, or offer disfavour to others. This allows for, perhaps, a purer viewpoint where I can just enjoy the best parts of the sport free from any bias or nerves. And I really like having that freedom, in at least one of the sports I patronise.

2118: Super Bowl XLVII is taking place at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey. Most people reading this not from the US will have little appreciation of the new departure this is, as the MetLife is a “cold weather” stadium, open to the elements and located in a part of the US that frequently see’s snowfall around this time of year. Snow and other terrible weather are things that Gridiron tends to just knuckle down and play through, often against all forms of common sense, but the Super Bowl is held on a pedestal: the NFL runners have balked at signs that even rain might affect their main event in the past. With the time of year, the MetLife is sure to be a frosty environment to play in. In American football terms, this encourages a running game which is generally seen as not that entertaining. To most people anyway, I think it’s just as good as a passing game.

2121: Throughout the night, for my own amusement as well as any others, I’ll be explaining some terms, at least the way I see them. Running Game: When the QB reduces his role to just handing the ball to the strong, athletic guy behind him, who proceeds to either dance or bulldoze his way through the defence. This is opposed to the Passing Game, where the QB desperately tries to throw the ball forward to a teammate before he gets pounded into the ground. Football is fun!

2124: Another reason I like the sport is the Quarterback (QB) position, which gives a team sport an unrelentingly personal focus. I don’t know another sport where a gigantic squad of individuals is dominated and represented by just one person, to the extent that it is often called their team instead of the Head Coach’s. QB’s are involved in nearly everything and teams live and die completely on their success. Being a QB then, is a serious test of not just physical and sensory mettle, but mental as well, in a way that individual positions in other sports simply aren’t.

2127: Actual coverage of the game, where I am anyway, doesn’t kick off for another hour, and the game itself will finally start around 2330 our time. But lots to comment on before then, with marching bands, Queen Latifah (!?) and Renee Fleming to come before a ball is kicked.

2130: The girlfriend likes to mock my interest in the game, balking spectacularly when I suggested we both stay up and watch it. On nothing more than gut instinct, with no knowledge of the game, teams involved or anything else, she favours “the Cows” over “the Birdies” by seven points.

2133: Me, I have little idea how to call it. Really great offence meets really good defence. Could make for a horrible grind of a game. I suppose I like the Seahawks for a tight win (post match NFB: “Ha!”), if only because I was a bit more impressed with their conference win, Sherman outburst or no Sherman outburst.

2136: Last year’s edition of the game was more notable for the lights going out than anything else. The MetLife can presumably be trusted to avoid such a technical disaster two years running. That might not stop the cold weather from messing things up on the pitch though.

2139: Watching a few pregame ads, I’m treated to the sight of the Snoopy gang playing “The Star Spangled Banner” in the MetLife. That’s a bad, unsettling start to the night.

2142: Meanwhile, Fox shows Bill O’ Reilly grilling Barack Obama over something or other. They have their priorities for the pre-game all set-up right. I should note that this is part of the Sky Sports feed.

2145: Best of luck with that Barack. I’ll be back in just a little bit.

2154: First corporate log spotted! Pizza Hut sponsor the Fox pre-show punditry table! The commercial branding of anything and everything is invariably a part of any American sports broadcast, but gets particularly garish for the Super Bowl. Americans seem somewhat numb to it in my experience, but it remains just a little jarring for me.

2155: A Fox pundit proclaims Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll as a “good coach” not a “raa-raa” one. What does that mean? He’s good at teaching the game of football, as opposed to just getting players pumped up (post-match NFB: And that turned out to be very important).

2158: A head coach in this sport is sort of akin to a manager in association football, but he has offensive and defensive coordinators at his side who receive almost as much scrutiny. Imagine if the Man Utd goalkeeping coach was getting calls for his sacking after a De Gea howler and you might begin to see how Gridiron operates.

2200: Ad watch! John Simm compares driving a car to feeling the hairs stand up on the back of your skin. In my experience, that generally only happens to me when something has gone horribly wrong in the car.

2202: Vehicle ads are an absolute staple of the American Football viewing experience. You can’t go five minutes without someone trying to sell you a pick-up truck. My favourite? This monstrosity of gooey sentimentalism.

2205: Sky coverage reports that the weather will not be a factor in tonight’s game. And there was much rejoicing. They also claim one in seven of the world’s population will be watching. This is total nonsense.

2208: And now we look at stats about snack consumption during the game which, it being an American cultural event to match July 4th, will be immense. They’re struggling to find things worth talking about here a little bit, but this does demonstrate the sports obsession with stats of all kinds.

2211: A Sunday paper here made a great comparison between the Seattle Seahawks and the Mayo gaelic football team: both considered to be at the top of their game, dominant in their regional divisions, but denied over and over again at the final test. I’m not sure who you could compare the Broncos to, perhaps Kildare, in so far as they were more successful a decade ago and have largely struggled in the time in-between.

2214: Brief discussion on the possibility of a London franchise right now. Franchise: another term for an American Football club, so dubbed because they are seen more purely as a business than other sporting institutions. American Football teams have a history of moving from city to city, in ways that would seem outright abhorrent in association football.

2217: There’s been talk of a London franchise for a few years: the NFL has been making some inroads in Europe, a great untapped market. But I would have my doubts that an American football team could get the crowds to survive for a 16 game season every year in the UK. The sport in America is already awash with failed ventures, be they teams or other leagues (XFL anybody?). American Football will probably remain a bit of a niche interest in Europe for some time to come.

2220: A franchise extension is probably inevitable in the NFL though. A nice round 32 teams occupy it right now, but that will most likely move up to 40 before too long. There are too many cities in the US that don’t have teams, not least Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Oklahoma.

2225: Favourite Simpsons moment of relevancy. “Oh God I forgot about the game!”

2228: Sky show off an interview with Peyton Manning, looking cold as he chats next to what I assume is the Hudson River. Manning might not have a lot of Super Bowl success, but he’s still one of the best QB’s to ever play the game, and that won’t change regardless of the final score tonight.

2231: Appears that Seahawk fans will be the majority tonight. They’re renowned as “the 12th man” in Seattle, as the unique acoustics of their stadium increases the decibel level of their cheering, which actually interferes with the calling of plays on the pitch. The issue is so bad in some stadiums that they ask the stands to be quiet when the home town is on offence.

2234: “Spilling blood”, “battlefield”, “band of brothers” “battle scars”. Sky is loving their military terminology. Pity the narrator sounds like this is his part-time job away from selling insurance.

2238: The pre-game entertainment proper should be starting shortly, as we are less than an hour from the stated kick-off time. In the meantime, its Seahawk QB Russell Wilson’s turn behind the mike. Younger, faster, maybe more eager. But certainly, in my eyes, the more likely to let the occasion get to him (post match NFB: AHAHAHAHA).

2241: Ad watch! The new Muppets FILM does look like a treat. Have they ever made a bad movie? Also, first truck ad. Didn’t catch the make, but it can drive on ice flows apparently (wouldn’t advise it).

2244: If you didn’t know, TV time during the Super Bowl is probably the most expensive on the planet for advertisers, with seconds measured in the millions on dollars. All part of the insane commercialisation.

2247: Rob Riggle comes up with the best entertainment so far, a mock parody that takes the piss out of all the hype, New York and internet memes. Featuring the genius that is Andy Samburg. This is on Fox by the way.

2250: Usually wouldn’t go anywhere near that cesspit of a channel, but their football coverage is actually decent. Sky isn’t bad either, but I like to see the American ads. Yes, I am that weird.

2253: Every punditry panel I’ve seen can’t achieve a uniform prediction. That’ll either mean a wonderfully exciting close context, or a boring, low-scoring sludgefest.

2254: Loving Fox’s Muppets ads so far, even if they are dominating all of their coverage so far. Can’t go wrong with Muppets! Followed by a very simple looking top down browser game uses a flashy CGI/claymation style ad to show itself off. Tut tut.

2256: And we move from that into a reading of the Declaration of Independence by American service personnel and others, which Fox does every year. Featuring Martin Sheen in full Jed Bartlett mode. This is typical of Football coverage in the States, not least in Fox, that appears simply deranged over here.

2258: Meanwhile Sky discusses the actual game of football we will be watching. Discussing Seahawk’s ability to change plays on the fly, to avoid sacks and the like. Sack: when a QB is tackled to the ground while in possession of the ball, usually with extreme prejudice. Considered the best kind of defensive play, bar a recovery or interception.

2301: Less than half an hour to kick off. Ad watch! Ford have a truck that can carry an awful lot of firewood. What more do proud hard-working Americans need? But Toyota cars can drive on lots of different roads! But I need a Honda or I’ll be some kind of social recluse or something! HOW DO I CHOOSE?

2302: Lots of panoramic shots of New York right now, disguising the fact that the game is being played in a different state.

2304: And welcome to the “Pre Kick” show! Marching bands are blaring away in an annoying fashion down on the field in a horrible mockery of entertaining music. This is the Super Bowl.

2307: And damn, they sure do love talking about Richard Sherman. They’ll all be making a beeline for him when the clock hits zero, I have no doubt. The score won’t matter. I suppose it is bound to be entertaining.

2308: Trailer watch! Some awful dross with Seth McFarlane. Pass.

2310: “In celebration of this beautiful country…” Here we go with Queen Latifah…

2312: About what you’d expect really. America has this weird thing where they practically have two national anthems at the Super Bowl, not dissimilar to the Irish rugby team I suppose. Latifah does her bit. Moving on.

2313: Ad watch! Pizza Hut have a baby on a jet-ski. Makes me think of pizza, for sure.

2317: The Seattle Seahawks take the field after an intro from Kurt Russell of all people. Following that, “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve. Bizarre choice of music.

2319: The Bronco’s get introduced by Russell too, basically saying the same things that he did about Seattle. Helpfully adds that the game will be won by the team that scores the most points. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON RUSSELL? Even namedrops Escape From New York.

2321: Only a few minutes to go! More military stuff as an “honour guard” of the services presents the American colours. The sport is so heavily tied to the US Armed Forces, it’s scary.

2322: Renee Fleming belts out “The Star Spangled Banner”. Always liked the anthem.


2325: Trailer watch! Noah, looks overblown but interesting. Partial interest.

2329: Joe Namath throws the coin too early. Seattle wins the second toss and defers. Let’s do this.

2333: Typically, game is kicking off a few minutes late. Weird aspect of the sport.

2335: We’re off. Seahawks kicks, Broncos return to behind their own ten yard line.  Disaster from first play as Manning ballses it all up, and the Seahawks score a Safety. 2-0 Seattle. Bizarre start. Safety: When a ball-carrier is tackled in his own endzone, considered the worst way to concede in Gridiron.

2337: Awful start for Manning. It’s bound to affect him as we go on. Seahawks to play from their 36. Hand-off barely makes three, but a far better start than Broncos. Percy Harvin handoff on second down gets 30 yards. Seahawks in control.

2340: Seahawks get nailed for a false start. Nervy too it seems. Russell overthrows a simple pass on second down. Definitely nervy. Six yard throw on 3rd down moves the chains. Another pass gets a straight first down. Russell growing in confidence with these throws. 18 yards from the endzone…

2343: Bronco’s defence starts to get involved, forcing Seahawks to 3rd and 6. Wonderful turn from Wilson see’s him make a dash for it alone but he’s just shy. Head coach makes a Challenge: forcing officials to review a specific decision.

2345: Ad watch! Bizarre promotion for Ghibli Maserati car. Very strange, featured a small child talking revolution or something.

2347: Challenge is upheld and a false start backs Seahawks kicker Steve Hauschka up for a 31 yard train. He nails it. Seahawks are 5-0 up.

2349: Ad watch! Deal in bull breeding? You need a Chevrolet truck obviously.

2352: Broncos to receive. Seahawks nailed with an unnecessary roughness call and Denver gets 15 extra yards. Manning back to the plate for the first time since his terrible start. A handoff for three. Short pass to Thomas for two but he gets cleaned out in the process. Pass under pressure for three. Not good enough. Denver are three and out very fast. Manning is reeling.

2355: Trailer watch! Need For Speed looks especially dull. Pass.

0001: Denver defence shuts down Seahawks on next drive until a decent Wilson play on 3rd and 8. Wilson doing well on his passing game so far and soon has another first down. Broncos defence is suddenly looking as dodgy as its QB until they nearly catch Wilson scrambling backwards on a 2nd and 5. Great 37 yard throw to Doug Baldwin puts Seahawks a few yards away.

0004: First 1st and Goal of the night but Seahawks lose 5 straight away to a false start. Handoff gets a handful of yards. Huge noise in the MetLife. Lateral throw to the right is incomplete, very odd play choices from Wilson here. Head coach John Fox of the Broncos challenges, thinking the pass infringed on rules that say a pass must be forward.

0005: Ad watch! Moronic Bud Light commercial followed by Ellen DeGeneres promoting some music provider with awful dancing. Pass, pass, pass.

0007: Challenge upheld. Both sides have now lost a time-out with failures on that score. Seahawks are 14 yards from scoring. Decent pass to the endzone is jarred out of the receiver’s hands at the last moment. Touchdown saved but Broncos still giving up scores. The Field Goal is good. Seattle leads 8-0.

0009: Ad watch! U2 plug their latest album. Not interested. Nascar! Also not interested.

0010: FOX plays a mike recording from inside a Seahawk defenseman’s helmet on a 3rd down stop. He screams like a banshee. Amusing.

0012: Manning back up. No first downs yet. A pass for five. A hand off where the ball comes loose but is recovered by the Broncos for a loss of 2. 3rd down pass is intercepted. Manning goes off the field, his day getting worse and worse. Only his fifth interception of the year. Broncos offence is truly awful so far.

0014: Ad watch! Scared of the internet? Get Squarespace! RadioShack now looks like an Apple Store!

0016: In three drives, Manning is at -3 yards. Running Back (RB) Percy Harvin gets an immediate first down on Seahawks first play back on the field. Seattle already in the Red Zone: within 20 yards of the endzone. End of the First Period.

0018: A God awful first 15 minutes for the Broncos. Manning is simply self-destructing. Denver defence is doing all it can do to prevent Seattle touchdowns.

0023: Seahawks have made nearly 140 more yards than Broncos so far. Marshawn Lynch picks up a first down with 5 running yards. Pushed back when he attempts to do the same thing on the next play. 12 yards from the endzone on a 2nd and 11. Pass to Baldwin for 7. Incomplete pass into the endzone but a pass interference (basically obstruction) call crucifies Broncos. First and goal from the one yard line. Handoff to Lynch, brought down just short. Lynch again. Forces his way through, Touchdown Seahawks! The Broncos nightmare continues.

0024: PAT is good. PAT: The “point after touchdown”, basically an easy conversion kick for a single point. Astonishingly, Seattle lead 15-0. Manning to step back up again, but what kind of headspace is he currently occupying? Similar in many respects to Baltimore’s early game rampage last year, which was enough to win them the game despite a terrible finish.

0026: Ad watch! Weather Tech uses all American stuff. You should be impressed! Trailer watch: Transformers: Age of Extinction, looks as bright and dumb as you would expect. Pass.

0030: Broncos return from the kick bottles them up inside their own 15 yard line. Just going nowhere on that score. Pass for 6. Lateral pass can’t get the first down, with Seattle defence swarming every receiver. Hand off on 3rd and 1, and the nominally best offence in the NFL has its first chain moving of the game. Badly needed. Pass for 7. Two more hand-offs, and another first down. Can Broncos keep it up?

0036: I’ve opened up the nachos and the dip. Meanwhile, Manning goes long but overthrows. A successful play like that would be a big momentum changer. Pass gets a gain of just one as Seattle swarm continues to do its job. Manning avoids a blitz to throw a first down pass. Blitz: when defence tries to destroy the QB. Another throw, into the Seattle half. Is Manning back? Difficult 3rd and one, but Broncos squeeze over. That’s three third down conversions in a row.

0039: Interference call leaves Manning on 1st and 20. First play loses a few yards. Anytime Manning drops back more than a few yards, his passes go nowhere. Hand-off gets about nine yards, still 13 to go. 3rd down throw. Deflected up into the air! Intercepted! Returned all the way! Touchdown Seattle! Unbelievable.

0040: PAT is good. 22-0 Seattle. Just as Manning looked like he was getting his mojo back, a second pick, this a “pick-six”. Is there any way back?

0041: Just aghast at the way that Manning has imploded in this half. Ad watch! Like David Beckham’s legs? Buy H & M clothes if so. Like Stephen Colbert? Buy pistachios! (Sell out).

0043: First decent return for the Broncos from the kick, until the ball is ripped out of his hands and it’s a turnover Seattle. Commentators, crowd, myself, in utter shock.  Call will be reviewed.

0044: Trailer watch! Amazing Spider-Man 2, looks like another Spiderman 3.Pass.

0048: Call overturned, down by contact, and Broncos fans must be thanking every kind of God for that. They need a score, with just over three minutes to half time. Pass for five. Next pass floated out of bounds. 3rd and 5. Manning goes for a big throw to Demaryius Thomas, 18 yards, and he makes it. Pass for five. Pass for eight and a first down. We’ve hit the Two Minute Warning: An automatic clock stoppage when there is two seconds left in either half, because the game needs more of that.

0053: Denver have made some big plays and are inside the Seattle 30. Pass, incomplete. Pass, incomplete. Pass, short. Everything stalling for Denver again, but a chance to get at least three points before HT.

0054: 1.06 to go and the Broncos go for it on 4th and 2. Go For It: Attempting to achieve a first down on a 4th down situation in dire circumstances. The pass is incomplete and a turnover on downs is their only reward. Manning trudges off, despondent.

0056: Ad watch! Terry Crews/Muppets might be for a car, but I still loved it.

0058: Some commentators are starting to talk a Seattle shut-out, but that’s fairly premature. Momentum can change so easily in this sport. Seattle go from their own 20. Hand-off for a few. And again. 30 seconds to go to HT. Seahawks think better off and it and let the clock wind down. It is half time in the Super Bowl and Seattle leads 22-0.

0101: So, quite a half. In a battle between a great offence and a great defence, it is overwhelmingly the defence that is winning. And so, to the half time show…

0102: Seattle could have scored three more touchdowns and be home and dry with just a bit more offensive competence. But, can’t rule out Manning getting it together.

0104: No team has come back from a +10 point HT deficit in the Super Bowl. Broncos will need to come out hard and fast in the second.

0106: Half time show starts off with…a Seinfeld reunion or something. The most overrated comedy show ever made.

0107: Bruno Mars taking his time coming out here. Giving Manning a pep talk?

0109: Ad watch! A giant hand emerges from the sky to play music on buildings. Drink Pepsi!

0110: The half time show opens with choral screaming, then children singing “Millionaire”. Here we go…

0111: Bruno Mars can drum. Who knew?

0112: Channelling his inner Goldfinger, everything on stage for Bruno Mars is shiny.

0113: Fairly spectacular light show erupts above the MetLife. Crowd seem super in to this.

0114: Wonder if the teams in the locker-rooms can hear this…

0115: Actually really liking it, especially this funky dancing. Mars has super energy on stage.

0116: And the Chilli’s emerge! Bruno Mars is instantly relegated into obscurity.

0118: RHCP having spasms on stage. And then the jumping starts.

0120: And as we head into “Just The Way You Are”, the military pops up again. MERICA!

0121: Powerful finale with some brilliant camera work and pyrotechnics. An awesome half time show.

0125: Ad watch! Jason Statham gets annoyed when he can’t watch Downton Abbey in peace, attacks flight passengers. Awesome.

0128: Ad watch! Little girl watches a lot of football, makes fool of old man! Buy internet (or something).

0129: The actual football game will start again soon. Seahawks get possession first, and the Broncos really need to make a stop.

0132: And here we go again. Kick, Percy Harvin receives. Dodge, sprint, dodge, sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint, touchdown. And the Broncos are sunk.

0133: PAT good. Seattle lead 29-0. I’m just stunned. Nearly the worst possible start to both halves for Broncos.

0138: Broncos receive, return to the 20. Broncos heads well and truly down. Richard Sherman smiling like a loon. Only 20 seconds of second half gone. First pass for Manning, out of bounds. Pass on second down, first down achieved. Pass, risky, nearly intercepted. Broncos still floundering a little. Throw, across Manning’s body, risky but catch made, short of the first down. 3rd and four. Pass, 7 yards, Manning keeps it moving. Broncos need to score on this drive. Screen pass for four.

0140: Ad watch! Horrible thing about mutated dogs or something. Was for a car apparently. Then, girls want pink toys like addicts want crack! Then, Tim Tebow pretends not having a contract is fine, or something.

0141: Ad watch! Some very familiar deets. Jack Bauer is coming…

0145: No “OMAHAS” from Manning so far tonight. Is that the difference? A personal foul by Seahawks gift Broncos a badly needed first down. 38 yards to endzone. Long pass, incomplete. Medium pass, receiver can’t hold on under pressure. Hand-off on third down, bottled up. Broncos elect not to go for it (for some reason) and punt. This is a Bronco nightmare.

0146: That punt almost feels like a surrender. Still most of the second half to play.

0151: Seattle starts from inside their own ten. Hand-off to Lynch, and he breaks through for an immediate first down. Another hand-off for a few. Wilson takes it himself on the next play but has to go back ten due to a holding penalty. Crowd noise level dying off here. Seahawks forced to 3rd and 17. Lateral pass goes nowhere. Decent position for the Broncos but what do they have?

0153: Ad watch! Morpheus from the Matrix turns up in a car ad singing Nessa Dorma. The Wachoski’s heads just exploded.

0156: Broncos start at their 45. Hand-off for one. 22 minutes to play. They need four touchdowns with three 2PC. 2PC: Two point conversion, a standard play after a touchdown where getting the ball in the endzone from a few yards out is worth two points. Throw to Demaryius Thomas for a first down. Throw of over 20 yards to Thomas again. Caught, dropped, recovered by Seahawks. The Broncos just keep digging a hole. This game is over.

0158: Ad watch! Bruce Willis wants you to hug your neighbours because you might just kill them in a car accident. I think that was it anyway.

0203: Seahawks from their 42. Hand-off for a few. Seattle offence in second gear right now, and with their defence in the form that it has been in, who could blame them? Is this what happens when you talk about Richard Sherman? Pass to the left is incomplete. Pass to the right gets the first down with 12 yards. Into the Bronco half. 20 minutes to play. Hand-off for one. 19 yard pass for the first down. Wilson having a ball right now. Short pass to Kearse. He spins, slips a few tackles and strolls into the endzone for another Seattle touchdown. The Bronco defence stopped playing. PAT is good, Seattle up by 36.

0206: Ad watch! “Is there anything more American than America?” asks Bob Dylan for Chrysler. “That’s a stupid question” replies NFB.

0212: Denver from their 20, like it matters anymore. Immediately incur a personal foul. This game is well and truly over. By the 3rd Manning has his team back over the 20. There has never been a Super Bowl shut out by the way. Pass to Thomas is incomplete but pass interference gives Broncos the yards. How do you keep your head up if you’re wearing orange? Pass, first down, and Broncos are in the Seattle half. Another pass and another first down. It’s the best Denver drive of the game I think. Another big pass, for 22 yards, and Denver are well inside the red zone, for the first time I think. As the Third Period clocks draws down, Manning with a great throw to Thomas, and that’s a touchdown. The Broncos avoid a shut out at least. 2PC attempt. Good play and it’s in. Seahawks 36 – 8 Broncos.

0214: 15 minutes to play. Is there any chance the Broncos can come back? They still need four touchdowns, with 3 2PC’s. It would be something to see.

0220: And it’s an onside kick attempt for the Broncos. It fails and the Seahawks will start at midfield. Big play straight away see’s significant progress up the left, but a flag brings it all the way back. Seahawks can afford some lapses I suppose. A few yards on a hand-off. Pass near to the first down marker.

0221: Ad watch! Nice Coca Cola ad featuring youth football. Not like they need the exposure though.

0226: Seahawks make another third down conversion. Wilson killing time off with every play. A sudden 20+ yard pass and Seattle is knocking on the door again. One more pass, one more tackle avoidance, and it’s another Seattle touchdown. They’re already celebrating the win. Denver’s defence gave up ten minutes ago. PAT good. 43-8.

0227: Still over 11 minutes of this massacre to play. Manning back out. First pass batted down. What a terrible performance.

0229: Ad watch! Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Sir Ben Kingsley talk about English actors playing bad guys and driving Jaguars. And you should too!

0230: Manning and his offence were dire from the start. That first Safety disaster set the scene for this implosion. With no Bronco offence playing for the majority of the game, and the Seattle defence dominating, the Seahawks could just build and build that lead. What a disappointing finale to the season.

0232: The Broncos move into the Seahawk half. Seattle suffering a few defensive injuries, including Richard Sherman. His expected tirade might be a little subdued I guess. The post-mortem is already starting on Fox.

0235: Manning goes four and out around midfield. Everyone wants this game to end.

0242: Sort of tuned out for a while. Both teams in “garbage time” mode.

0250: The Seahawks will win the Super Bowl and are deserving winners. I only wish the game itself has been a better spectacle. Only two minutes to play. Manning will probably not play again, and what an awful way to end a career. But whose fault is it?

0301: The Seahawks wind down the clock and they are the Super Bowl champions. They did it with style. It was not even remotely an even contest. Congratulations to them and commiserations to the Broncos. Honestly, the half time show was the best part. And that was not what I expected. Good night.

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