Happy Third Birthday To Me

Another year has come and gone on NFB, which now celebrates its third birthday. As is tradition at this point, I’d like to give a rundown of my favourite posts of the past twelve months, with some brief thoughts on each. These are not my most popular posts of the last year, which I like to list out every New Years Day, just the ones that I think are higher in quality than other things on NFB. In no particular order:

Revolutionary Remembrance: In The Name of the Republic

I love a good review and a good dressing down. This had both. I found Eunan O’Halpin’s method of historical research to be both bizarre and insulting to my intelligence, and I wanted to tell the world so, and why. His documentary was one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and this review was an attempt to put those feelings into a coherent format.

Ireland’s Wars: A Summary of the Nine Years War

I must have written an ungodly amount of words on Ireland’s seminal early European era conflict. This was the final summary. I thoroughly enjoyed reading up on an area of Irish history that I was not at all familiar with up to that time, and I very much enjoyed writing up a summary and analysis of it.

Zero Dark Thirty

Oh boy did I hate this movie. I’ve tried to achieve a greater conformity in terms of structure when it comes to my movie reviews, and of all the ones I’ve done since I introduced that format, this is my favourite. It’s always easier to elaborate on criticisms, and this mess had plenty to critique.

Constitutional Convention: Same-Sex Marriage

It only took a quick scroll through the Wikipedia article on objections to same-sex marriage to come up with the format for this one: a rejection of each and every one of them, piece by piece, for the flawed and frequently bigoted things that they were. Of all the issues that the constitutional convention discussed/is discussing, this is the most important for me, which is one of the reasons I look fondly on this post.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The first of my really long, epic reviews. I think this is still the longest one I’ve ever written, somewhere close to 8’000 words. I was happy with how I was able to expand upon my love for the movie, and how I was able to elaborate on some of my own interpretations and ideas about the first part of Peter Jackson’s surgery.

Thoughts On “Pillar of Defence”

It had actually been a long time since I had written anything remotely geopolitical/military based when Israel started bombing Gaza again. This post is pretty rambling and stream of consciousness style, but I still like many of the points I made, which reflect the evolution of my thoughts on Israel.

Revolutionary Remembrance: The Poppy

My posts on revolutionary remembrance have usually left me with a quandary of sometimes having a feeling of saying the same thing over and over again. I liked this one because it was a unique enough topic, but still fit well into the overall theme of the post series.

The New and Improved Oireachtas Inquiries

I really liked my posts on the Oireachtas Inquiries referendum the other year, and this one was a bit of a follow-up, discussing the new, non-referendum requiring, legislation for the same. I like this one because it came from an initial point of outrage and annoyance, but morphed into something a bit more constructive.

Trapattoni the Indefensible

This was written in the aftermath of Euro 2012, but before the debacle at home to Germany and later again at home to Austria. I consider my thoughts on “Trap’s” regime to be as accurate as they were last autumn, and have only grown more pertinent.

Working with Gender Quotas

As with the Oireachtas Inquiries post, this one was a follow up discussing ways to engage with the gender quotas idea. I still don’t like the concept at all, but the time for objections has passed.

Fiscal Compact: Why I’m Voting “Yes”

This took a long time to write and involved putting down in words some very difficult feelings in regards the Fiscal Compact. I think it’s better for all that though.

Eurovision 2012: Swedish Beyonce

I do love a bit of Eurovision. It’s rare enough that I try and write something that’s meant to be humorous, but this is one of those times.

Ireland’s Wars: Kinsale

I love Ireland’s Wars and I think this is probably the best example from the general entries this last year. Kinsale is a seminal event in Irish history, and I enjoyed writing up my own version of what happened there.

The Man Behind The Curtain

More on Trappatoni. Written after the loss against Italy, this was a precursor to the previously mentioned article, featuring the start of many of the same arguments, and a closing paragraph that is as venomous as I am ever likely to get.

Revolutionary Remembrance: The ARR’s Of The Irish Civil War

I’ve always had a fondness for the Royal Royce Armoured Cars, and I enjoyed trawling through resources, both physical and online, in order to come up with the above account of their composition and service.

Ireland’s Wars: Glenmalure

Another Ireland’s Wars. I like this one mainly because the battle isn’t well known in Irish history, even though it was a rather one-sided victory for the natives over the English.

All-Ireland Changes

Another season, another yawn, as Kilkenny ended up strolling to yet another Championship. This outlined some of my frustrations with the game, most notably the “blowout” problem engulfing the inter-county level and suggested some changes.

My Flower-Pot Problem And Other Thoughts

Ah yes. In order to try and excuse my lack of posts on Irish political issues, I decided to elaborate on some of my feelings towards the reporting of some “incidents”. Irish politics has increasingly become an elaborate game of “Gotcha!” in my eyes, reducing my interest in interacting with it.

Dangers of Intervention And Free Speech

Libya. God knows I’ve written enough on this topic over the years. Here I wanted to add a personal bugbear, which is the holy idol of “free speech”, the defence of which has led to much avoidable tragedy.


I just liked this review, I thought I provided some good analysis in a comprehensive fashion. An excellent movie.

So that’s another birthday. Thanks go to all readers, commenter’s, Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Please continue to read and comments, I need the hits to avoid the pit of despair.

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