NFB’s Top Ten For The Year (2012)

It’s that time of year again, where I lay out my most popular posts of the year.

By far the most hit-heavy stuff I put up is related to the various post series I do, namely my chapter by chapter review of the Lord of the Rings, my Decisive Battles of the World and more recently, Ireland’s Wars. Rather than litter the following with them, I thought I’d go for the more stand-alone stuff. So, without further ado:

10. Fiscal Compact: Why I’m Voting “Yes”

This one was a long time in the writing, as I struggled to articulate my intense opposition to the Compact while also explaining my rationale in voting in the affirmative. I hope I succeeded, and I was proud enough with the end product.

9. Battleship

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, my review of it also covered my general opinion of “brainless”        CGI films and the failure to contemplate the hiring of good writers.

8. Euro 2012: Italy Vs England (Quarter-Finals)

No idea why this post, of all of my Euro 2012 coverage posts, was so high. A lot of English fans looking for views I guess?

7. Skyfall

Another review, this one for a movie I actually liked.

6. Guerrilla Days In Ireland (The Play)

A review of the stage adaptation of Tom Barry’s account from the War of Independence. Well cast and offering up some interesting thoughts on Barry’s justifications, Guerrilla Days as enjoyable, though not very well paced for a play format.

5. Batman: The Animated Series – Christmas With The Joker

Nice to see one of my new series make it in. Though this is actually, in my opinion, a very substandard episode of B:TAS, people still wanted to read about it.

4. The Children’s Rights Referendum: Why I’m Voting “Yes”

Like the Fiscal Compact, this was an amendment I had mixed feelings on, but ultimately saw more redeeming features than negatives.

3. “Suicidal Obstinacy”: Max Hastings And Irish Neutrality In The Second World War

Nice to do something like this, to examine and refute some rather inaccurate writing from an otherwise unblemished author. I felt Hastings’ limited commentary on the Irish neutrality issue was unfair and needed addressing.

2. A Song Of Ice And Fire: Why I Both Like And Deride It

Game of Thrones is certainly “in” right now, which probably goes someway to explaining why this rather scatterbrained review of the book and TV series was so popular.

1. Permutations For Ireland, Looking Ahead And Market’s Field Problems

In the aftermath of Ireland’s loss to Croatia at Euro 2012, a lot of people were out to see just how Ireland could still qualify for the knockout stages and this was a popular post as a result. In the end, it was scenario #2 that was the result. The suggestion in the post that a younger team be put out against Italy after elimination went unheeded. A rather depressing one to be the most read post of the year, but there you have it.

See you in 2013.

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