17 Quick Thoughts About Premium Rush

1. You should go and see this movie.

2. Seriously, why haven’t you gone and seen this yet?

3. I say that because it is a very good movie, yet probably won’t get the audience it deserves.

4. Gordon-Levitt excels in the main role as the carefree courier, even if it smacks a bit of cliché-ism. I still love him in it though.

5. The real star is Michael Shannon as corrupt cop Bobby Monday, who has that tangible sense of desperation and menace to everything that he does.

6. It has some uniqueness, in Hollywood terms, when it comes to action. Chase scenes on a bike? No overuse of CGI? No crazy gun sequences or explosions? Talk about a breath of fresh air.

7. You haven’t seen it yet have you?

8. The plot is paced very well, breakneck when it has to be, slower when the need arises, tension filled when it is required.

9. Loving the dialogue. Sometimes “Suck it, Douchebag”, really fits a movie better than it would elsewhere. This is that movie.

10. Haven’t seen Dania Ramirez since Heroes. She was good in that, and she’s good here.

11. I give any movie that works in black humour (like the imaginary sequences of the main character getting gruesomely killed by various bits of traffic) without it being inappropriate or ill-fitting.

12. Did I mention Aasif Mandvi is in this? And isn’t even just a meaningless cameo.

13. I also really liked Christopher Place as the exasperated bike cop.

14. I have a weakness for anything to do with Tongs or Triads, and Premium Rush has plenty of this. Jaime Chung really works well as the struggling immigrant trying to get her son out of China.

15. Nice soundtrack too. There is a time for thumping techno and dub-step. This is it.

16. I’m serious, if it wasn’t for Dark Knight Rises or Avengers, this would be movie of the year territory.


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