Football 12/13

So, the new season of football in England is upon us. Just a few words about what to expect from me and NFB.

I’ve come to really love writing on football in the last year, not that I’ve started doing it more regularly and on different websites. I’m looking forward to continuing and, of possible , expanding that effort. Official recognition of one of my LLF piece actually came from Limerick FC, which was pretty amazing in my eyes, along with a brief chat with Pat O’Sullivan, the clubs chairman.

So, this season. Aside from continuing my Monday posts on the League of Ireland until the end of the season in a few months time, I’ll (all going to plan) be continuing my guest posting on Lovely Left Foot, which is currently undergoing a redesign. Commentary on League of Ireland, the Irish national team, Manchester United and the Premier League in general will be forthcoming there, depending on whatever piques my interest.

I’m also down as a back-up judge on excellent refereeing review site Debatable Decision (they already have a first team United fan) and am planning on doing more singular game reviews for that site throughout the season (not United games of course).

But I also want to do my football writing for my site, not focus nearly all my efforts away from home. So expect some commentary, at times, on NFB too.

And of course if people have suggestion for what they want to see on this site, they only have to mention it in comments. As LLF undergoes its redesign, some of the links for my articles that have placed on this site may be dead: if people want to read them they can contact me for the text in the meantime.

In the immediate future, I may have a piece on Monaghan United going up on LLF in very near future. Next week I’ll have a preview piece on Manchester United for that site, with a more general preview of the EPL going up here.

So, plenty to look forward to.

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