The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (29/7/12)

Two weeks worth of stuff for this entry, after a hiatus last weekend due to personal commitments that kept me away from the internet most of the weekend.

Third place goes to Youth Defence, the Irish (heavily funded from the US) anti-abortion, pro-life group, which has been grabbing plenty of headlines and attention with their latest campaign. If you’re living in Ireland, you’ve probably seen their billboards and posters.

Some of them include a quoted survey, which makes the impressive claim that 79% of Irish women agree with the Fine Gael position on upholding Ireland’s current abortion laws.

All well and good, until you take a closer look at the way the survey was run, like Nick Beard did, and realise that it is a cacophony of biased questioning and selective interpretation of results in order to come to an agreeable conclusion, in the form of the easiest soundbyte. YD is a movement that is stupid not because of their beliefs, but because of the manner in which they go about proclaiming those beliefs. This survey is stupid and the people who are promoting it are misrepresenting the truth. A friend of mine was banned from the YD Facebook page for questioning their methodology. These are the people you deal with in Ireland when it comes to the abortion issue.

Second place goes to the rather amazing story of a complaint against a hotel made on a Facebook page (screenshots in the link below). Basically, a wife to be complains about said hotel ruining her husband to be’s stag night, making all sorts of complaints regards bad service and breach of contract. After attempting to contact the woman privately in order to sort out the accusations and getting nowhere, the hotel had little recourse but to answer the very public accusations with a very public, and graphic, rundown of just what the stag party got up to in their establishment. Some truly amazing stuff in there. The entire affair was since deleted by the hotel from their site, but goes to show that you should be wary about bringing complaints against a business into the public sphere.

But this weeks winner, appearing for the second entry in a row, is United States Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has spent the last few days soaking up the sights in Britain, ahead of the 2012 Olympics. Considering that Romney has insisted that President Barack Obama has marginalised Britain, who should be a key ally of the United States, you would expect for this visit to be a time of building better relations, improving diplomatic ties, and looking, well, presidential in the process.

Poor Mitt Romney. Already with a reputation for being gaffe-prone, he didn’t do too well in Britain, his performance coining the Twitter hashtag #romneyshambles, after the almost legendary insult “omnishambles” used by Malcolm Tucker is political satire show The Thick Of It. Shall we count the ways?

While something like this is unlikely to have a real impact on the US Presidential race, it doesn’t make it any less stupid from a guy trying to make friends abroad. Congrats to the former Governor.

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