The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (7/7/12)

Third place this week is in visual form, and goes to this political cartoon from Richard Meyers.

Yeah, that’s something. The clip-art style insertions of different figures to create an image that looks like a bunch of random elements thrown together, the three different fonts on display, the incorrect punctuation on “CEO’s”, the puppet master who appears to be floating in mid-air…it takes a lot for a political cartoon to make it onto this list, but Richard Myers certainly deserves the accolade this week.

Second place this week goes to Michael Lynch, a member of the Irish Volunteers, who recounted the following tale about his swearing into the Irish Republican Brotherhood in the build-up to the Easter Rising, as read by yours truly in Fearghal McGarry’s Rebels: Voices of the Easter Rising:

“…one day he [Eamonn Ceannt] approached me and asked me if was I willing to join what he called the inner organisation which was behind the Volunteers….He gave me a few days to think about it. I agreed and he administered the oath to me, one day very early in 1916, at the junction of Grantham Street and Heytesbury Street. He said: “You needn’t raise your right hand. Just remove it from the handlebars of your bicycle”.

There is something about the image that this presents, of the dangerous secret society aiming for the overthrow of British rule in Ireland swears in new members in broad daylight, while they are in the middle of cycling, that just makes me laugh a bit.

Bit of a unique winner this week, courtesy of Irish club football site, which regularly provides text updates to various matches that League of Ireland sides play. This week, Dean Hayes was in the hot seat for the Waterford/Limerick game, and proceeded to produce a wondrously crazy commentary, that easily fits into the funny/stupid category. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you will enjoy.

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