The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (23/6/12)

Honestly, it wasn’t that a bad a week for stupid things so this will be short and sweet. Maybe I’ve just been so distracted by the football. Speaking of which…

Third place goes to UEFA and their leader Michel Platini who, hours before yet another goal line blunder that saw Ukraine denied an equaliser against England in the final game of Group D, came out with this:

“He told reporters in Warsaw: “With five, officials see everything. They don’t take decisions without being fully aware. There’s also a uniformity of refereeing. For example, they don’t call unintentional handballs. That uniformity has led to more flowing football.”

Platini added: “Goal-line technology isn’t a problem. The problem is the arrival of technology because, after, you’ll need technology for deciding handballs and then for offside decisions and so on. It’ll be like that forever and ever. It’ll never stop. That’s the problem I have.”

Except that is a very stupid thing to call a problem, isn’t it Michel? It wouldn’t be a problem. It would be a fair, impartial system that removes the error strewn human element when necessary. The five officials don’t see everything, that’s just a lie or a gigantic misassumption from you. You’re the head of the dinosaur brigade that is keeping football in the dark ages.

Second place goes to this story, regarding the use of an image of communist theoriser Karl Marx…on a credit card. While the choice of Marx, from a public voting system, probably carries with it a large degree of irony and maybe even some genuine longing for the old days of communist rule in East Germany, it still bring s chuckle to see the man who forecast the eventual downfall of capitalism emblazoned on one of the great symbols of that system.

But the winner this week must be Rob Liefeld. Liefeld is a comic book artist noted for his work on numerous Marvel comic books, especially Youngblood. Liefeld is the subject of this amazingly detailed critical piece from which goes into the specifics as to why Liefeld is such a terrible artist, and ponders how he continues to get work. As someone who is a novice when it comes to Marvel comics, it was an eye opener.

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1 Response to The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (23/6/12)

  1. Jim says:

    Regarding the Rob Liefeld thing, I understand it boils down to two things: He’s very pleasant and professional to work with, and he gets his shit in on time. In comics, that’s a big deal.

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