League of Ireland: Questions For Monaghan And The FAI

The news of Monaghan’s withdrawal from the League of Ireland is sad, and raises a number of points that it would be good to get answers to from the relative parties.

To Monaghan United:

  1. How far back did you realise that the club could not sustain a Premier Division presence?
  2. How were you able to budget for a year ahead without a sponsor?
  3. Why did some of your players find out the news today via Twitter?

To the FAI:

  1. How did the licensing procedure allow this to happen?
  2. How will the licensing procedure be reviewed to make sure this does not happen again?
  3. How will the promotion/relegation system now work?
  4. How likely is it now that a one division system will be adopted?
  5. In that event, when will clubs be informed?
  6. Are Monaghan’s results and points won/lost going to be expunged from the league table?
  7. Are Sligo Rovers going to be reinstated in the FAI Cup?

It’s a total mess of a situation.

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