The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (19/05/2012)

This week, it’s an Irish political party special devoted to the “Yes” side of the Fiscal Compact debate, who have been busy putting their foots in their mouths all over the place. There are many to pick from and it was hard to narrow it down to three.

Third place goes to Lucinda Creighton, Fine Gael TD for Dublin South-East and Minister of State for European Affairs. In terms of advocating a “Yes” vote she decided to portray the consequences of a possible “No” vote in the starkest terms possible in this tweet:

Yeah. This is one of the cases where you hope the elected official isn’t actually running their own Twitter account.

Second place goes right back to the land of tweets, this time for Labour Senator Ivana Bacik. In response to Declan Ganley declaring himself part of the “No” campaign with his Libertas organisation, she quickly came out with this:

Snarky. Bitter. Insulting towards opponent. Patronising.  No attempt to engage productively. Snide. Arrogant. Of course, I would expect nothing less from Senator Bacik, who competes with David Norris in the competition to be the most irritating Senator in the Upper House. Perharps she is still bitter about her part in the general election campaign that gifted a seat to Richard Boyd Barrett of the ULA in a constituency that should easily have seen another Labourite elected alongside Eamon Gilmore. She and her condescending attitude should be nowhere near the frontline of Labour’s “Yes” campaign.

But the winner must be An Taoiseach for his words to a “No” protestor while campaigning in Athlone:

A short time later, chairman of the Athlone Anti-Household and Septic Tank Campaign, Gordon Hudson, advised Mr Kenny to “take the bridge, head west and stay there.”

“You could do with a day’s work, I’d say,” Mr Kenny replied. Mr Hudson said he had been self-employed for 29 years but had to “pack it in because of ye”.

Yeah, that’s just great, hearing the country’s leader speak in such a way, while so many people, including myself, find themselves unemployed under his regime. The entire “Yes” campaign from the government parties has been marked by this kind of arrogant tone, but it’s the worst it could be when it comes from the Taoiseach’s mouth. Yes, it can be annoying to meet such anger while out canvassing, but Kenny should know better than this. As should Lucinda Creighton for tarring the “Yes” side with a degree of stupidity, and Bacik for tarring the “Yes” side with a degree of childishness.

It is all pretty stupid. “No” side next week!

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