“Buying” Success From Manchester To Limerick (Lovely Left Foot)

With Manchester City’s extraordinary capture of the English league title, the issue of finances has taken centre-stage in the daily football debate again. Did Manchester City “buy” the Premier League title? If they did, is that wrong? And if it is wrong, what can be done about it?

I find myself with a somewhat unique perspective on this topic. I am Manchester United fan, so find myself opposed to City, with all their substantial economic excess which has so radically transformed their fortunes, as a matter of course. But, on a nearer basis, I also follow my local Irish club, Limerick FC, recently taken over by a new rich owner, with more support from billionaire JP MacManus, making them one of the richer teams in the League of Ireland (it’s all relative of course – Limerick are nowhere near the same financial level as Manchester City, but within the confines of the League of Ireland their financial stability marks them out and offers a significant advantage over other Irish clubs).

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I was also a contributor for LLF’s Premier League awards.

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