The Lord Of The Rings, Chapter By Chapter: One Last Word

One year and three months ago I started writing these reviews and analysis of the chapters within Tolkien’s masterpiece. 100’000 thousand words later, the task is complete, and the full index for the entries is available here.

What can you say about The Lord of the Rings? It is the great book of the genre. It is unlikely that anything will come close to matching the influence it has had. Tolkien has created a world and a story that continues to captivate audiences generations after its publication, and will likely continue to do so.

Tolkien’s great strengths – his vivid use of imagery, his evolving characters, the way he can capture the feel of an ordinary rural area and the carnage of a battlefield, can switch between the most personal of stories and the high epic poetry that is such a clear inspiration – all combine to produce something extraordinary.

I have no desire to gush with praise, anymore than I have to. The Lord of the Rings gives us the characters, the lands, the battles, the fights, the quest, that is everything that fantasy should be.

Less is more, and there is no need for me to continue in this vein. Tolkien’s popularity is plain for all to see. I love his work and that is not like to change. My thoughts on individual aspects can be read in detail.

That’s it then. The road goes over on and on, but thanks for staying with me for some of it.

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9 Responses to The Lord Of The Rings, Chapter By Chapter: One Last Word

  1. Matt says:

    Yeah baby you knows it! In other words I concur.

  2. Owen Kelly says:

    Well done!
    A tour de force. I only came on it – and you – quite late on, but have enjoyed it immensely.
    You realise that this constitutes the equivalent of a 300 plus page novel.
    As a final comment, a quote from one of the greatest SF novels of all time:
    Fiat Homo. Fiat Lux. Fiat Voluntas Tua.

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  4. MNb says:

    Even LOTR is not perfect. Ghan-buri-ghan and the Eagles saving Frodo are very convenient Dei ex Machinae. The Aragorn character is too generic to my taste.
    I think it’s an enormous pity Tolkien never completely worked out the story of Turin Turambar.

  5. Cecelia says:

    wonderful reading – now once again I shall have to read the books – thanks!

  6. mnb0 says:

    Tolkien’s Blood and Soil philosophy is bothersome.
    But that’s the only criticism I can think of.
    Oh – and that he never finished the Turin Turambar story. Should become a movie too. TT easily is my favourite Tolkien character, especially because he has several things in common with Oedipus.

  7. K-HOLE says:

    i enjoyed these reviews a lot though it’s a shame i only found them on ‘the siege of gondor’. it made me notice some things i haven’t noticed before while i was also rereading for the nth time

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