The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition organised by the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation, held in the Pery’s hotel, Limerick. Photos of said event here.

The exhibition included a lecture from noted local Limerick historian Thomas Toomey on the “Curfew Murders” of 1921, which was informative and comprehensive, on a topic that really doesn’t gwt the amount of aacademic interest in deserves. Plus, I got to have a nice chat with Padraic Og O’ Ruairc, one of the leading authors for Mercier’s Press’s “Military history of the Irish Civil War” series, who is a prominent member of the society.

I only learned of the exhibition due to a small advertisement in a local paper, so any notice or publicity I can give to the IVCO can only help draw attention to the organisation and the fine work that they are doing to commemorate the Irish revolutionary period. I’ve written on this topic before, and I still feel that Ireland does a poor job in remembering its past conflicts, beyond the Easter Rising. The ICVO is at the forefront of an effort to change that, and I only hope that the coming decade of centenaries will help to propel them more into the national spotlight and give more attention to their cause.

I for one, hope to attend more of their events in future. Please give their website a look, if you have the time or the mind, and keep an eye out for any events they may hold in the future.

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