Books On The Brain

I am currently undergoing what is becoming a yearly tradition, in that I am inundated with books following Christmas and my February birthday. I’m sticking to a One Fiction/One Non-Fiction at a time this year, as opposed to my usual “read everything at once” shenanigans.

What I’m reading right now:

Civil War by Trevor Royle, which is proving to be an enjoyable ( and comprehensive) recounting of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms in the 17th century.

Beastslayer by William King, the fifth of the Warhammer Fantasy Gotrek and Felix novels, which I find immensely entertaining. A general review of the entire series is upcoming shortly.

What’s on the backburner:

Several more Gotrek and Felix novels, which were purchased for cheap in bulk.

A few Blood Bowl novels to round off the Warhammer experience.

Age of Misrule by Mark Chadbourn, a modern fantasy thingy which transports old Irish and Gaelic myths to present day London. Not sure what to make of that, could be good if it runs away from a “Harry Potter for adults” sentiment, could be awful otherwise.

The Last Days of Krypton by Kevin J. Anderson, a rather expansive book that is there to flesh out the opening few pages of the Superman backstory. I have low expectations (it was a prize for a writing competition) because work of this “tie-in” sort tends to be somewhat mediocre in my experience, and I’ve never thought that comic-book heroes work will in book form.

War by Sebastian Junger, a book about a U.S position in Afghanistan, the inspiration for the documentary Restrepo. I have never heard anything but good remarks about it from those whose opinions I would respect in the milblog community, so looking forward to finally getting around to that.

Hitler by Ian Kershaw, the amalgamated version of his previously two part biography. Hitler’s personal journey and life story is not something I have ever really delved deeply into before, so this out to be quite the interesting read and Kershaw is the authority by all accounts.

The Lord of the Rings I am still in the process of re-reading for my Chapter by Chapter series, and I have only three chapters left, the next one of which should go up on Saturday.

And if all of them aren’t enough to be going on with, I am going to be getting a Kindle soon, so some more book shopping is in order. I’m going to give The Dresden Files a go on the recommendation of some friends (though I was very underwhelmed by the tv series) as well as hunt down some of the Bernard Cornwell novels I haven’t got round to. Apart from that, I haven’t really thought about.

Reviews of all the above will hopefully come in the next few months (as well as the Kindle itself).

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2 Responses to Books On The Brain

  1. steoller says:

    Get the kindle with the keypad. trying to type WiFi passwords or book/author names with the other one is just….argh.

  2. Owen Kelly says:

    If you are going to read Kershaw on Hitler, you must also read Joachim Fest’s monumental work “Hitler”. Written in 1973, it remains a tremendous attempt at interpreting Hitler by a German author. His “Faces of the Third Reich”, which contains an extended chapter on Hitler, and was the genesis for the boigraphy, is also well worth a read.


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