Nine Quick Thoughts On The Mask

1. I don’t think that this film has aged that well.

2. That is not to say that it has become bad, just that the whacky humour does not have as much appeal to me as it did a while ago.

3. The CGI is quite impressive for the time though.

4. Carrey certainly put a lot of work into this one, and it is clear that he is enjoying the hell out of himself.

5. It is a bit weird how nobody seems that surprised by the things “The Mask” can do, right down to him freezing (literally) in mid-air.

6. The supporting cast is really weak.

7. Especially Diaz.

8. The decision to turn away from the more violent aspects of the graphic novels was a very good one. It works better as a full-on comedy.

9. This actually still works for me, somehow.

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