NFB’s Top Ten For The Year

As is customary from  bloggers around this time, here’s an outline of the top ten blog posts on Never Felt Better over the past year.

Now, the various components of The Lord Of The Rings: Chapter By Chapter and NFB’s Decisive Battles Of The World are well up on top in this list in reality, but rather than simply list them out here, I’ll put them aside, otherwise the following list would be rather pedestrian.

10. Constituency Questions (General Election 2011)

Surprised at this one, I wrote it on a whim one night while reading through lists of candidates in the General Election. Answers to those questions are here.

9. Felix Gaeta And His Death Wish

Glad to see one of my Battlestar Galactica posts made it in and I was especially happy with this one, about perhaps my favourite “minor” character in any TV series ever.

8. Better Know A Micro-Party: Fis Nua

The Micro-Party series ended with a whimper due to lack of time before the election, but this one, on the Green-lite crowd, was the most popular of the lot.

7. The Next Dail

An old one where I discussed the possible make-up of the 31st Dail. I was way off in a lot of these scenarios. The closest was the “Fianna Failure” one.

6. “I Dag Er Vi Alle Norske”

Not one I’m happy with. As explained in a subsequent post here, some of my assumptions about happened in Norway that terrible day were dead wrong.

5. Moments In Irish Presidential History: Cearbhall O’Dalaigh And The “Thundering Disgrace”

I really enjoyed writing about Ireland’s former Presidents and it is no surprise that the offices most infamous incident got the most views.

4. Lets Talk About Limerick (General Election 2011)

More General Election stuff, this post starting off my coverage on the Limerick City constituency (my own). It was great fun, following a specific race like that.

3. Seanad Election: The NUI

Probably got so many hits because of the sheer lack of information on so many of the candidates running in the NUI part of the Seanad elections. I set out to inform, and I hope I succeeded.

2. A Short Guide To Irish Presidential Elections

I love writing history and in the run up to the most recent Aras election, this one was well-timed for interest from web users.

1. The Two Referendums: Why I’m Voting “No”

Due to a plethora of shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter, this was the most popular article of the year by a country mile. I was utterly delighted with the attention and views that this one received during the run-up to the vote, and if it got even a handful of people to vote “No” then so much the better.

See you next year.

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