“Boo” – Vote Yes

It would seem that Fine Gael’s tactics for a future referendum on the recent financial day is becoming clearer and clearer.

This kind of statement makes me think that a referendum will indeed be required. But this assertion, that our membership of the Eurozone is dependent on a “Yes” vote is fear-mongering and distortion of the worst kind. That’s not what the vote will be about, no matter what Noonan says. 

Moreover, trying to scare people into agreeing to this constitutional change won’t work since it will be much easier to scare them into voting the other way, which worked for Nice I and Lisbon I. And it will work again, considering how easy a target the EU is right now. The government cannot win that debate. They either go the “Attempt to explain the benefits” which will fail as any attempt to try and explain anything in a referendum debate fails, or they go with “Scare people with stuff about the Euro collapsing” which people will either not believe, or won’t care about.

Either way, the government is heading towards another failed referendum. Kenny must be praying for good news from the Attorney General.

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1 Response to “Boo” – Vote Yes

  1. Owen Kelly says:

    Dear Never Felt Better
    I very much enjoy your blog since discovering it some weeks ago.
    However, I would take issue with you over this and the previous blog “look out for us …”
    Can I suggest you look at my blog “paleoutlaw.wordpress.com” for two pieces I wrote before and after the recent Brussels summit “The Shamrock Veto?” and “Big Boys Games” to get a flavour of my thinking. You might also like my separate take on the Budget!
    Pale Outlaw

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