Clusterf**k To The Aras: Higgins On The Last Word


-Bloody hell, he can be condescending. You understand the powers of the President? What a coincidence, so do I! You’re not alone!

-I don’t care what his great Grandad did 80 years ago.

-Paraphrasing: “I think assassinations are wrong” “Was Osama Bin Laden’s?” It’s not for me to say…” Ugh. Get off the fence.

-Only serve one term? Why’s that? Not because he’s too old right?

-No, it would not be a disaster for the country if Gallagher was elected. He’s former Fianna Fail, not former Nazi.

-Wait, why did he get this kind of spot on The Last Word? Is Gallagher? He better.

-You’re beginning to slip MDH. Treat carefully, you can still lose.

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