Eleven Quick Thoughts On The Lion King

Another re-release.

1. Jeremy Irons is the best villain ever and, being brutally honest, he’s one of the only VA’s really trying.

2. The stampeding Wildebeast terrified me as a kid, and they still do.

3. Timon and Pumbaa really do steal the show, getting the lion’s share of the best lines.

4. In a movie overflowing with possible racist interpretations, Rafiki is easily the worst offender.

5. I’m not sure those who actually know anything about African wildlife could find a movie that gets it more wrong, but hell, that’s entertainment!

6. Rowan Atkinson is criminally underused.

7. That whole love scene is incredibly awkward.

8. You won’t find many death scenes in Disney flicks, and the one here is a doozy.

9. You get the feeling that there is plenty being cut out of this film, as even a cursory glance at the musical’s setlist will indicate.

10. Still, the music is great, the story is great, and the animation is amazing.

11. Be prepared.

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2 Responses to Eleven Quick Thoughts On The Lion King

  1. steoller says:

    #3: I see what you did there.
    #11: Could stand to have a more elongated prepared, like so ” Be pre-paaaaaaaaaared!”

    Otherwise, I’m just happy I can comment here again now that my browser has stopped being a shit.

  2. HandsofBlue says:

    Oh, but Irons is just amazing. His words just drip with poison even when he’s singing.

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