10 Quick Thoughts About Jurassic Park

Saw the theatre version for the first time recently.

1. The CGI has, for the most part dated really well. With the exception of the first reveal, everything still looks fairly seamless.

2. Jurassic Park remains the benchmark for correctly guessing the effective divide between CGI and animatronic monsters.

3. The Raptors become the villains in an amazingly effective way, that you rarely see in any kind of monster movie.

4. Hammond’s changes from the book are clear, but it was only on this viewing that I noticed the dark undertones to the movies version, particularly in the scene with the ice cream.

5. Ian Malcolm was always one of Crichton’s great characters, so it’s a shame that most of his best lines from the book don’t make it to the movie.

6. The scene where the Raptors open the door was greeted with laughter by the theatre audience, which was not my reaction when I first saw that scene. The Raptor’s intelligence is a focal point of the movies horror, but some of it crosses the line into ludicrousness.

7. I also noted that the film specialises in implied, rather than outright gore. It’s easy to forget that the film is PG.

8. The T-Rex saving the day at the end is mega-schmalsy, but that whole scene is a brilliant cap to the entire thing.

9. The score sounds even better in a theatre.

10. “Clever girl…”

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1 Response to 10 Quick Thoughts About Jurassic Park

  1. steoller says:

    If they gave Ian Malcolm all his lines, they’d have to, not to spoil anything, throw the book at him, if you take my meaning.

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