Moments In Irish Presidential History: Mary McAleese And…

It’s difficult for me to really talk about Mary McAleese in terms of an historical presidential moment. She’s the current President after all, and I was always taught that stuff this recent isn’t history, its journalism.

That, and like Mary Robinson, she hasn’t really had any big stand-out moments (that we know of).

The Queen’s visit is the obvious one, but even planning a post on that, I found that I wasn’t talking about President McAleese much at all, and if anything, I was reaching very far to make her involvement bigger than it actually was.

So, I’ve got nothing. Nothing that I really deem notable enough to make a post out of.

I know that sounds quite bad for McAleese’s term(s), but I didn’t make it so. I personally think McAleese has been a fine first citizen, the equal of Robinson in most respects, she just hasn’t been…interesting. I suppose there isn’t anything wrong with that (after all, most of these “moments” have been regarding negative stories), and perhaps, in future, we might find out something that happened during her time in the office.

Until then, I salute her, for a job well done.

I hope you have enjoyed this post series, and will continue to come back to read my thoughts on the current Presidential contest.

To see the rest of the entries in this series, click here to go to the archive.

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