Clusterf**k To The Aras: The Late Late Debate

Having watched the Late Late debate, I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts on each of the candidates.

Gay Mitchell

– Strong and confident in most of his answers.

– But, not much time to answer due to the speedy Gonzalez approach from “Tubs”, but he did seem to have them.

– That being said, he didn’t get many difficult questions.

Martin McGuinness

– As always, he was ultra defensive throughout.

– He can’t pronounce the word “situation”.

– The constant talk about Sinn Fein’s wage policy does not change the dodginess.

– He is misrepresenting the power of the office and what he could achieve if elected.

– Tubs really didn’t like him.

Mary Davis

– Boy, she waffled a lot.

 – She was on 23 state/semi-state boards!?

 – She claimed a lack of legal experience was not a weakness. Umm….

– Did you know Mary Davis was involved with Special Olympics Ireland? Because she seemed to shoehorn that in to every answer.


– She really went hard for the anti-EU crowd.

– Her comments bordered on hysterical at times.

– Just very very not good.

Sean Gallagher

– Quite effective in his message.

– I liked his emphasis on job creation and enterprise and I felt he argued successfully how the President could help with it.

– “Tubs” acted like an ass towards him, trying to treat him like the joke candidate.

Michael D. Higgins

– Very vague and general in all of his answers and ideas. A very distinct lack of specifics.

– He looked very stiff and uncomfortable in the chair. His age is an issue, whether he like it nor not.

– Of course Higgins knows the in’s and out’s of the office, I would expect nothing less of a Presidential candidate! He gets nothing for claiming that.

David Norris

– He tried to turn every answer into an inspirational speech, which came off horribly.

– No other candidate is as good at evading questions.

– Very weak. Are the wheels coming of the bus?

Combined with the news regarding Mary Davis’ income from those state boards, which I cannot deem acceptable in a Presidential candidate, this debate has made me reconsider certain choices. Davis came off badly, while Gallagher and Mitchell impressed me. In fact, I would say Gallagher was the best of the seven. Even Mitchell is beginning to make an effect on me.

Right now, there are four candidates that will be getting preferences – Higgins, Davis, Gallagher and Mitchell – from me, but I am undecided as to the order.

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