13 Quick Thoughts About Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part Two

1. It’s really good. Fantastic even, everything the previous movie failed to get right, this one does. The last one was “Harry Potter and getting the plot out of the way.” This is “Harry Potter and the Magical Explosion Fest”.

2. Snape steals the show of course, from the eerily haunting opening scene, his creepy speech in the hall, and the amazing adaptation of the chapter “The Prince’s Tale”. He’s the real hero of the story, and it comes to life brilliantly on screen.

3. “Lily? After all these years?”“…Always”. James Potter can f**k off and die.

4. The battle is good, I only wish there was more of it. I hope an extended edition is forthcoming, perhaps with some onscreen deaths for certain characters, the lack of wish results in a certain lack of weight.

5. Neville Longbottom keeps the DA going in Harry’s absence, stands up to the evil Hogwarts administration, gets beaten senseless for it, carries out a plan that kills hundreds of bad guys with the collapsing bridge, quips about it, gets the bravery endorsement from the sorting hat, mocks Voldemort to his face despite the guys apparent victory, tries to take him on with just a sword, saves the day by killing the snake, then gets it on with the hot Irish blonde chick at the end. In short, why the hell is Neville Longbottom not the hero of this series? Insane badass he is.

6. Harry and Voldemort’s final confrontation is great, really well done.

7. That being said, some if it is a bit confusing. How exactly does Harry kill Voldemort? I thought the Killing Curse couldn’t be deflected? What’s that red beam of energy Harry is shooting at him? The book is better at this kind of thing I imagine, as you can explain things you can’t onscreen.

8. Harry and Draco Malfoy don’t really get their big final confrontation, regrettably. That, and Draco’s whole arc in these last two is confusing as hell, as he seems to start turning on Voldemort only to keep trying to stop Harry without explanation.

9. Some great, brief performances, really mark this film out. John Hurt, Michael Gambon, David Thewlis to name a few.

10. But, where the hell is Hagrid for most of the movie?

11. The very end, with the epilogue, remains an insulting piece of writing and film, totally unnecessary fan service, that utterly spoils the conclusion. The trio standing on the Hogwarts bridge looking out at an uncertain but hopeful future is a great ending, not this ridiculous “They all got married and had kids” nonsense. How the hell do all these characters end up with their school loves?

12. Excellent score. One of the best you’ll ever hear.

13. Well done Draco. Well done.

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