Ten Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

1. I think this is actually the best book and movie, in terms of overall plot, characterisation and the like. In fact, it almost suffers from the fantasy aspects, if that makes sense. It’s just a very well rounded story from story to finish.

2. It was a cool way to make Voldemort the villain, while not making him the villain. If you get me.

3. That being said, it has lots of stupid bits too. My favourite is the undignified “You can’t cancel Quidditch!” scene, which I found very un-intentionally hilarious.

4. That chase scene between Harry and Malfoy. That was Star Wars music wasn’t it? From Attack of the Clones?

5. Lucius Malfoy is so over-the-top evil, it gets dumb. It is one of Rowling’s weaknesses, especially in earlier books, that her supporting characters are badly one-dimensional.

6. Dobby, coming soon after Gollum in “The Two Towers” is pretty badly done.

7. The Dursleys I never liked as characters, because they are over the top cruel to Harry, for poorly defined reasons. I think that is one of the major, continuing flaws in the series as a whole. I just can’t buy it, that the wizards would leave Harry with them willingly, that the Dursleys would take him if they hate him so much, that Social Services haven’t got involved at some point.

8. I’m not sure what the point of Kenneth Branagh’s character is, apart from comic relief. He still acts it brilliantly though.

9. Hermione’s swooning over said superfluous character really damages her “Being the smartest”thing.

10. Seriously, how can anyone in this universe not realise that Lucius Malfoy is evil? He has a cape and a cane! And a slave! And he says things like “I’ll deal with you later…”!

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1 Response to Ten Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

  1. pkg says:

    Very good dissection of chamber of secrets. I have liked all the harry potter books and do not have any one favourite but yes, chamber of secrets is one complete story on its own.

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