Seven Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

1. Radcliffe can’t act. He’s surrounded by the cream of British acting talent, which just makes it worse. They’re plying their craft in a fantastic way, but they’re centred around Mr “Im…a…wizard?” Seems a case of him looking, rather then being suitable for, the part.

2. It’s obviously the most childish of the seven films, which makes it a little “meh” in parts if you’re over the age of 12.

3. Alan Rickman is criminally underused in this film.

4. Quidditch is a very dumb sport. The basic field-sport aspects are fine, but this whole “Golden Snitch” stuff is insane. Why put in an element that automatically negates most of everything else? Might as well just call it “Seeker-Ball”.

5. The overarching plot of the Philosopher’s Stone is almost throwaway, and very poorly done on screen. Just throw a reference to some guy called “Flammel” every 20 minutes and pretend it keeps it going.

6. The third act is actually quite good, with the various challenges and the like, but the actual finale is somewhat weak and suffers from ”wtf” syndrome. It’s no good to let Harry turn the bad guy to stone with just a touch, and then explain it away after.

7. If a kid has henchmen before he even really starts school, you should probably keep an eye on him.

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