The Trouble With Troubles

Very concerning.

Considering that this covers an issue where members of the Garda supported an illegal terrorist group, a group that does not recognise the state of Ireland, we’re straying very, very close to treason, or something like that.

As such, it is important to not jump to conclusion, or try to rush things in any way. It will never hurt, institutions like these, to be thorough. Reputations are on the line in a very real way and I’m concerned that any attempt to rush through the tribunal is an attempt to either

-close the whole matter quickly by condemning the suspected officers so the government and the state does not have to take a hit.

-or, worse, close the whole matter quickly by whitewashing the entire affair, so both the government and Garda escape without a black eye.

The Troubles is a period of immense horror, and this nation would do well to examine the part that its forces may have played in it. If these men aided in the murder of anyone, murder carried out by a terrorist group , then something has to be done. I said, in a previous blog post, that justice has nothing to do with the passage of time, or the feelings of victims, or the public at large. Justice serves none of those things. What it serves, is justice.

Equally, if these men have committed no crime, then that should be ascertained. The same principle applies. Groups like the P-IRA are the same people who I warned against in this post just a few weeks ago. Preventing them or their allies from simply disappearing into history is important and goes right back to what I was saying: we cannot let the bad guys win. We can’t let them, if we can help it, disappear from view, to get away with it. We just can’t.

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