Wikileaks: Irish Edition!

The same old thing. Stuff that is either not much of a surprise to begin with, or so unshocking as to barely deserve a paragraph. Fianna Fail Ministers didn’t get on with the Greens at times? The state was invoked in negotiations with radical groups in the north? The US has an interest in what the ancestral country of a huge proportion of its population is doing? For goodness sake.

Aside from the standard tame revelations we’ve come to expect from Assange and co., we also get the positives that sneak through, which cast a damper on the “RARAR, AUTHORITY BAD” message Wikileaks is trying to send. Stories like the President and her husband negotiating with loyalist extremists to get them to stand down, just make the state look good.

What is bizarre about all this is the tone that the Independent took. I wouldn’t describe it as faux-outrage, the usual thing, but more of a confused “LOOK AT THIS!”. The paper doesn’t seem willing to go with either a positive or negative spin on most stories, just presents them without much comment like “Hey readers, we can’t really go as far as outrage with this stuff, but maybe you just will anyway!”

The worst is a full page piece on Assange himself, a embarrassingly positive account of the man, which makes him out to be some sort of latter day Saint, cruelly treated by the evil authorities. It makes light of the allegations against him, doesn’t mention his naming if coalition friendly Afghans, his sociopathic behavior towards women, none of it. He’s just Julian Assange, the freedom fighter who is suffering for all of us, apparently.

Nonsense. The US is the most powerful country in the world, a friend, so are we really that surprised that our government briefs them on matters? Anyone who thinks that some sort of crime needs to grow the hell up.

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2 Responses to Wikileaks: Irish Edition!

  1. Starbuck says:

    There was a special on Wikileaks in the US’ Public Broadcasting Service’s series, “Frontline”. Very unsympathetic towards Julian Assange. Not only did Daniel Berg (one of the co-founders) have negative attitudes towards Assange, there’s also some startling revelations as well. PBS claims that Assange attempted to sell the the “Collateral Murder” video for $1 million. And when asked about the possibility of repercussions towards Afghans who cooperated with NATO, Assange reportedly said “they’re collaborators and they deserve to die”.

    • HandsofBlue says:

      Yeah, anyone who wants to look into it can easily find a string of nasty stuff associated with the guy, from ill-treatment of women to corruption to full blown flights from reality.

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