Football 10/11: vs Blackpool (home)


Another trophy celebration, and didn’t Michael Owen look happy?

A good game to watch, the opposition going all out to win. But Blackpool have so many weaknesses on the pitch, an average midfield, an awful defence, an iffy goalkeeper, it is not surprising in the least to see them where they are.

I don’t buy much into the love of Blackpool that you see. Hollaway is an ass, a media clown, who would rather blame the FA and Referees when his team loses, then face the fact that putting all your focus on attack is a atrocious way to play football. You cannot be a top level team without having an adequate defence, and Blackpool’s is utterly hapless at times. It cannot really be denied, that if Hollaway had put a bit more work into that area, played for draws or defended a lead in a few games, Blackpool would be playing in the Premier League next season.

Instead they go down, and not without the lions share of Refereeing calls. Hollaway has nothing to fall back on, no excuses now. Blackpool are a bad team, and they don’t belong in this league.

United always looked the more dangerous going forward and all their goals were incisive. Park showed off his work rate for his (with an excellent assist from Berba), Anderson gave us a delicious curl, some excellent team play and skill from Nani set up the OG, and a brilliant through ball and finish were the hallmarks for Owen’s strike. But all those goals had one common element, and that was the Blackpoll defences poor showing. United, especially in the last 15 minutes, were just going through the motions.

Charlie Adam, at least, will still be in the top league next year. I’d imagine Liverpool and Tottenham might be in hunt. He had a good game, and he has a lot of heart, so he doesn’t deserve to be dragged down with Hollaway on the sinking ship.

Another league, but the big game to come. Barca will be one hell of a challenge, and based upon some of the ring rustiness I saw in this game, I am not hopeful. It will simply require so many things to go right, that it seems unlikely. Hope endures, but we’ll have to be good. Very good.

For now, we can bask in the glory of another league, and being the best team in England. And I wouldn’t call next season against them either.

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