Football 10/11: Vs Blackburn (away)

Long hard scrape, but we’ve done it.

Frustrating game to watch, Blackburn’s “park the bus” tactics not being very attractive to watch. Bit of an off day for the defence. Aside from some communication issues between Ferdinand and Vidic, Kuszczak has probably played his last game for the club. His desire to leave is well known, and this will just make it certain. Nervous on the ball, indecisive. Not good traits for a Keeper. Not to mention Evans, whose poor performances continue to makr him out on the team, being caught badly for the Rovers goal.

The rest of the time were able to keep the lions share of position, but with the Blackburn defence packing men in the box, it was difficult to creat any clear cut chances. Rooney and Giggs worked hard, but Hernandez had a game to forget. The final, the final touch, all needed a bit of work.

Of course it was a penalty. Commentators and the media seem content to use the word “controversial” over and over, but I don’t see it. He brought Hernandez down in the box. What is there to discuss? I also found it amusing to see so many decry United players haranguing the Referee, only to say nothing when Rovers did the exact same thing when the penalty was awarded. And of course, Blackpool had nearly their entire team around the Ref in an incident in their game, but no one calls foul on that. It betrays anti-United sentiment more than anything else.

Rooney slammed the penalty home under pressure, perhaps fitting that it should be him to do it, after the year he’s had. From there, neither team wanted to risk anything, and why would they?

19 titles, quite the accomplishment. This was certainly one of the harder fought, and the whole season has served as a demonstration of United’s fighting nature, coming from behind in the league table and in many games. A glorious Sunday to come, when United are crowned the most successful team in league football. And, naturally, there are many who think that 20 is a nice round number.

And, of course, it is so amusing that on a day when Manchester City end their trophy drought, their cross town rivals are still the main headline. They can protest all they like, but it has to sting a little. In the shadow still, and what a shadow it is.

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