Happy Birthday To Me

Today, Never Felt Better celebrates its first birthday. And many happy returns. It’s been a hell of a year, a lot of writing, a lot of hits and a lot of love.

It started out with something that I’m somewhat embarrassed to read now. Man, that reads whingy. But things did get better. My first “proper” blog post started out my political writings as I took on Gilmore’s “Renewing The Republic”.

Shortly after I started my first post series, examining the Irish constitution in “To Ourselves” before covering the 2010 World Cup.

This nugget on “Taoiseach Gilmore” takes the award for least hits of the year. I gave some support to County Louth GAA. Chris Hunter got some love. I defended the Irish Army. Then Julian Assange came into my life and I got mad. Frequently. Very frequently.

It Is Not War” saw me analyse movie battles for accuracy. Aircraft Carriers were debated. Coverage of the football season began. Then came the start of “NFB’S Decisive Battles” by far my most successful post series where I did some battle study. Nearly completed at time of writing.

The Sunday Tribune letter page was often a target. First Year Students got advice. Then Shannonwatch, my most commented on article. A review post on an Easter Rising documentary was also popular. The epic story of this blogs name was also shared.

A speech by a US General was responded too. I took a look at Irish Micro-Parties. Then Qatar won the World Cup bid and I just had to say something. I fought my most epic battle. I also took the time to respond to Reader Comments which soon became a movie.

The Lord of the Rings came back into my life after a bit of an absence, and I had to share some words. 30’000 of them so far. The destruction of an Afghan village caught my eye. Then, a General Election, covered from start to finish.

I offered some thoughts on Battlestar before Libya raised its ugly head. I talked about personal belief. Then, some guest writing.

It’s been a pleasure to write this blog. I can’t promise that I’ll continue to write with such frequency, or that everything I write will be very good. But I like to write, and as long as that is the case, I’ll always have something to say.

A sincere thank you goes to every one of my readers over the past year. I would be lying if I said that having my work read is meaningless: I like the fact that people read this blog even if it isn’t the primary motivation for its existence.

Here’s hoping the following year is just as good.

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