Football 10/11: vs Newcastle (Away)

A frustrating evening, but it was always going to be a difficult contest.

It could have gone either way and questions remain about some dodgy officiating. Giggs had a poor game, a rarity for him. The defence, barring a dicey opening few minutes, was strong enough, though Evra seems to be in a bit of a slump. Hernandez was back to being pushed around by bigger defenders and Rooney, while maintaining the effort right through the game, failed to really make an impact.

Both sides had their chances, Hernandez and Giggs especially, but it just seemed like one of those games that was never going to get a goal. United’s mediocre away from continues, only five wins on the road this season.

Only five games left, with a seven point lead. That means three wins will see us over the line at the present time, but the game tonight between Arsenal and Spurs could very well alter that. For the Gunners, it is make or break time. They need the win badly, not just to stop their current slump and stay firmly in the title race, but to cement their place as the top east London club.

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