Football 10/11: vs Fulham (home)

Fulham have become somewhat of a boogey team for us over the course of the last few years, but that seems to be only at Craven Cottage. At home, they aren’t so much of  a problem and so it proved yesterday.

It was a bit of a doddle really, very lackadaisical pace to the whole game especially the second half, when neither side seemed too bothered, as if United were content with the two goal advantage and Fulham didn’t have the energy to really chase it.

Two good goals, though Berba was offside for his. The idiotic furor over Rooney’s absence was hilarious to me, considering his place in the squad was taken by the leagues top scorer. As it was, no one had a bad day, the defence was solid enough, the midfield bossed the park, and the attack did its job.

This will probably be one of the easier games of the run-in, but United have got the points and are one step closer. Some far more difficult games coming up on the schedule now, so lets see what they can do.

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