Football 10/11: vs West Ham (away)

Just like the Blackpool game, another stunning comeback that may be far more important than points gained against bigger clubs.

United weren’t even playing that badly throughout the first hour of the match, conceding to two penalties after all, but there was a lack of direction upfront and elements of the defence, especially Evra, just didn’t have their heads in the game. Enter Giggs at left back and Hernandez/Berba upfront. It seemed that once United got their first, an excellent free-kick, it was actually over. West Ham’s good run of form lately may have exhausted them, or maybe they couldn’t keep up with United for the full 90.

Either way, the rest of the match was a cakewalk and Rooney gets some deserved plaudits for his hat-trick and his 100th goal for the club. If he’s coming into form, this time of the season is good time for it.

United are in poll position, but difficult games remain. Arsenal, Ch.elsea, Newcastle, Blackpool. The season isn’t over yet, by any stretch of the imagination.

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