Football 10/11: vs FYR Macedonia

Yet another unconvincing performance from this Irish team, a team that continues to stumble their way to results. Injury ridden, prone to mistakes, convincing only against very weak opposition.

We were lucky in that Macedonia had a very dodgy keeper, one that gifted us a second that Robbie Keane hardly deserved. Our own defensive lapses made it nervy and Macedonia could very easily have snatched a point during the second half. The midfield was pedestrian, the attack blunted by the early loss of Doyle.

All of the sings indicate that Ireland are nearing the breaking point, in terms of lack of depth and multiple injuries. At the current rate, I would predict a loss in Skopje in a few months time, unless we can get so many players off the bench and onto the field.

Ireland are tied for first with three other nations, but we are going to lose in Moscow, so first is a distant possibility. The game at home to Slovakia would appear to be the crucial one, but the way that this team plays, every game, including Andorra away I am sorry to say, is up in the air. Trappatoni is simply the wrong man to be managing a team of players from the attacking minded English league.

Unconvincing has become the byword of this team. Every time they win, you can’t help feeling you’ve just watched a smoke and mirrors show, designed to cover up flaws, flaws that are getting ever bigger.

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