Football 10/11: vs Bolton (home)

Nervy game, especially with the news of the changing situation in West Brom. As it is, United have two more points on Arsenal so I’m happy. It is clear though that both teams are suffering through bad patches, exacerbated by severe injury problems.

United’s are just getting worse at the back, with Johnny Evans also out due to suspension, for that awful second half tackle. Then again, Evans wasn’t exactly shining up to that point in the game, the teams defensive frailties on full display.

Tough game, as expected. Bolton are no rollovers and were desperately unlucky with the goal they conceded.  Berbatov may never score an uglier goal, but that all count and this one might be very important. United have made a habit of grinding out results despite bad performances this season. Here, a man down, seems to be the apex of that. Mediocre displays from many, including Rooney, Nani and Valenica, not to mention the centre of midfield which was hard pressed for much of the game.

You do notice a contrast between Nani and Valencia when they are on the field together, with Valencia fighting for any balls he loses and Nani failing to do so. Poor Nani might not have much more time to prove himself in this team.

Result got, and distance gained on Arsenal. Tougher games to come, but West Ham first, a team battling relegation, always a nervy prospect.

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