Football 10/11: Champions League Quarter Final Predictions

Four of my last 16 predictions came true, so let’s see of I can keep this red hot 50% streak going into the quarter finals.

Chelsea Vs Manchester United

The big one I suppose. A replay of the ’08 final and Chelsea will be out for revenge, as this is really the last trophy they have a realistic chance of winning. Difficult for me to cover this, being a United fan, but the truth is I see United struggling. It’s a tough run in the EPL, FA Cup semi against Man City, and this series will be two of three games left to play against the English champions.

United have lost their last three games to Chelsea. They stuttered through the tie against Marseille, while Chelsea were able to coast home against Copenhagan. United have a plethora of injury problems, especially at the back.  I’m going to have to call it for the Londoners, maybe by two goals.

Barcelona Vs Shaktar Donetsk

It really depends on how Shaktar choose to play. They were able to out attack Roma in both legs pretty easily, but Barca are a very different proposition.

If I were them, I would maintain the attacking focus, because defending against Barca, especially in the Nou Camp, is asking for it. Only Mourinho, a master of defensive tactics, could do it properly.

Barca are just the whole package though, really, so it is hard to see a Ukrainian outfit put them out. The Catalonians by two.

Inter Milan Vs Shalke

Inter snatched advancement late against Bayern and were far from convincing throughout that tie. Going through a revival of sorts at home, currently second to AC, their focus may be there.

Languishing in the Bundesliga mid table, Shalke appear to be putting everything into their Euro run. They overcame Valencia easily enough, but Inter are a different challenge.

It’s very hard to call, but I’m going with Shalke. Inter just seem to be blundering through the competition this year, and that luck will run out.

Tottenham Hotspurs Vs Real Madrid

Spurs are a surprise package this year, and should be proud of their record thus far. But they have been lucky. Poor defensively, they should have conceded against AC. Facing a better attack in the form of the Galacticos, there is no way they will make it two legs without letting a few past Gomez.

Madrid are looking for silverware in a huge way. They have a good attack, a good midfield, they have a focus that they have lacked in previous years. Having gotten back to this stage of the CPL for the first time in a while, they will be hungry to go further.

I have to give it to Madrid, by two goals. Spurs’ fairytale doesn’t have the legs to go on much further, especially if they want a CPL place next season.

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1 Response to Football 10/11: Champions League Quarter Final Predictions

  1. meghmallar says:

    well done. I believe 3 out of your 4 predictions are correct. I can not believe that you have only got 4 of 16 correct . better luck next time

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