Football 10/11: vs Marseille (CPL, Last 16, Home)

Job done, but United made it much harder then it should have been.

As is typical in these kind of contests, it’s the second goal that is the real decider. United got their noses in front early and it was a different game then. Marseille had to press or go out, leaving gaps for United to exploit. If United got the second goal, it would be difficult for the French outfit to get back into it. If Marseille got the seconde, they could just park the bus for the remainder, making it difficult for United to succeed, defensive minded teams being a weak point for us.

United should have got that second goal much earlier, but as we have seen time and again during the course of the season, the teams lack of killer instinct, of finishing, meant for a nervy game. Rooney had a great game, Hernandez was reminiscent of Van Nistolroy in his ability to simply always been in the right place at the right time. Nani was poor, and his place must be under threat from Valencia t this stage. Smalling is on top form, which as just as well,  looking at the injury crisis that is currently afflicting United’s defence.

The second goal should have ended it, and United still had gaps through Marseille’s formations, but they could not make absolutely sure of the result, setting up a tense last few minutes. It wasn’t acceptable, letting the French team have all of that momentum in the final part of the game.

But still,the job was done. But, I cannot see this United team, playing the way that they are, overcoming the likes of Barcelona.

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