New Government: Defence, Geographical Spread And Other Quick Thoughts

A few points about Ireland’s new Government:

Sad to see Defence, a seperate Ministry for the entire history of the state, shoehorned in with Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Alan Shatter (FG), is a fine choice for any of those departments, a former spokesperson on Defence for FG, but now has a hell of a full plate to manage. I cannot help but think that it will be Defence, and by extension the Irish Defence Forces, that will suffer for it. Are we seeing the continuing steps towards the PDFs dissolution?

The geographical spread of the positions is shockingly poor, with ten Ministers from Dublin, two from the rest of Leinster, three in Munster and just one for Connaught and Ulster (Enda Kenny). Experienced people like Jan O’Sullivan and Tom Hayes have missed out and one wonders how much people like Varadker, Burton and Rabbitte will really care about the south-west.

Other than that, Burton will be disappointed to be lumped with Social Protection, a fast train to nowhere but unpopularity, Reilly is a smart choice for the unmanageable mess that is Health, giving the Children portfolio to one of only two women in Frances Fitzgerald seems a mite stereotypical, while Varadker is an interesting choice for Transport. Who knows what his less than firm grasp on economics might actually entail there.

They have the mandate, the majority…let’s see what they can do.

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