Football 10/11: vs Chelsea

What can I say? I’m disappointed, for many reasons.

We placed too deep in the second half, always a bad choice against Chelsea. We failed to exploit a very dodgy looking Chelsea right flank. We didn’t make enough chances to really put them away. Hernandez allowed himself to be bossed around.

But it was a good performance. The defence was solid save for one bad moment, Van Der Sar was epic and Rooney was in top form.

Of course, all of that is meaningless when the Ref is not performing his function. He missed a Terry handball in the first, failed to send Luiz off when he deliberately tripped Rooney, gave a penalty for a dive and then sent Vidic off for an offence that was the equivalent or less than the Luiz trip.

Awful. Incompetent. Game ruining. And he, Atkinson, will face no reprimand, punishment, censure, warnings, fines, any disciplinary action or potential unemployment. Refs want respect? Earn it.

The thing is, it was a very even game (I would have been happy with a draw) and Chelsea did make more chances. On the face of it, the score isn’t remarkable, but Atkinson’s atrocious display of officiating casts a shadow over it. Oh well. Liverpool to come, and a run-in to get back on track.

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