The Count: 2300 Till Late



2304: Kildare South has come to an end after seven counts with a seat each for Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.

2318: I’ll be continuing until all ongoing counts are adjourned or, if they continue indefinitely, 0300.

Luke “Ming” Flanagan has been elected in Roscommen-Leitrim South on his third try, his vote way up. Two Fine Gaelers, Denis Naughten and Frank Feighan will follow him soon. Also elected in the last few minutes was David Stanton (FG) in Cork East. The Galway East count has been adjourned after a recount call.

Just breaking: Sean Haughey has been eliminated in Dublin North-Central. The Lemass-Haughey dynasty has been in Irish politics since 1927, almost the entire history of the state. No more.

In Dublin Central Joe Costello (LAB) has been returned. Mary Lou McDonald (SF) and Maureen O’Connell (IND) are best placed to take the two others. Cyprian Brady and Mary Fitzgerald stand upon the brink of elimination on what was previously one of the most pro-FF constituencies in the country.

2324: The Wicklow count, due to the extreme length of time that it is taking, has been adjourned, with an additional five hours needed.

Olivia Mitchell, Peter Mathews and Alan Shatter, all Fine Gael, have all been elected in Dublin South, bringing that count to a close. Amazing vote management there, a real credit to the party.

2332: The Limerick City count has ended with Jan O’Sullivan being confirmed as elected, a result known since early this morning. I will examine this count more closely at a later date.

Labour now have more seats than their total in the last Dail. I would hold to a high 30s prediction. 12 constituencies have completed their count.

2349: Kerry South’s third count has all but decided that constituency. John O’Donoghue has become another high ranking FF casualty. Griffin, Healy Rae and Fleming remain in place for the three seats.

Laois-Offaly has been adjourned without an election, another place with more candidates then sense. On the other hand, the counters in Waterford have decided to just keep going until their four seats are filled. John Deasy (FG) is in, and Paul Coffey (also FG) is close. Brendan Kenneally (FF) looks safe. The last seat is a toss-up between Ciara Conway (LAB), John Halligan (IND) and David Cullinane (SF). Very hard to call, but I see Labours transfers running out.

0001: Kerry North-Limerick West is just about done with Arthur Spring (LAB) and Martin Ferris (SF) about to take the last two seats there. That means there will be no Fianna Fail presence in Kerry for the first time in the history of the state (I think). Clare is also nearing an end, with Timmy Dooley (due to Mulcahy’s transfers) having apparently grabbed a seat from Fine Gael’s Joe Carey at the last gasp, one of FFs few successes tonight.

Galway West has been adjourned with no-one elected.

Dessie Ellis of Sinn Fein and John Lyons of Labour have taken the last seats in Dublin North-West.

0005: Jonathan O’Brien (SF) has taken the first seat in Cork North-Central. Looks like an even split there, one seat for each of the four major parties (and no, I don’t include the Greens in that). Sinn Fein appear on course for somewhere in the region of 12-15 seats.

0007: In Wexford, John Browne (FF) from being, in a position where he was about to be excluded, has just passed the quota to take the third seat there. His surplus can’t effect the rest of the race, so Liam Twomey and Paul Kehow (both FG) also take seats, with fellow Fine Gaeler Michael D’Arcy losing out. That count is over.

0015: 17 constituencies have completed, seven have adjourned, 19 are ongoing.

0025: The Dublin North-Central count has concluded, with Independent Finian McGrath taking the last seat there.

0027: Donegal North-East, Sligo-North Leitrim and Clare are all set to end quite soon.

0031: It is looking increasingly likely that Brian Lenihan will be Fianna Fails only Dublin based TD.

0040: Joe McHugh (FG) has been elected in Donegal North-East. His surplus could still effect the race, so one more count there. Just about all of it would have to go to Labour’s Jimmy Harte if he wanted to win, so FFs Charlie McConalogue can feel pretty safe.

0051: Sligo-North Leitrim will have one more count where every seat will be awarded. John Perry and Tony McLoughlin (FG) are safe but the transfers of Susan O’Keefe (LAB) will probably see Michael Colreavy (SF) ahead of Eamon Scanlan (FF). That is, unless Perry gets over the quota on the next count, which would probably mean Scanlan would get elected based on his surplus. A very thin line there.

Clare is nearing a conclusion very shortly. I expect the big three and an Independent to share the honours evenly.

Kerry North-Limerick West has ended with Spring (LAB) and Ferris (SF) taking the last seats.

0058: Eoin Murphy (FG) has been elected in Dublin South-West, Labour should take the last seat there. Tom Barry (FG) and Sandra McLellan (SF) have taken the last seats in Cork East with Fianna Fails Kevin O’Keefe losing out.

16 counts still currently ongoing.

0115: Ray Butler (FG) and Peader Toibin join Damien English in Meath West, another count closed. Eric Byrne of Labour takes the first seat in Dublin South-Central. Labour should get one more, as should Sinn Fein and Fine Gael.

Seamus Ryan (LAB) has been eliminated in Waterford, the first victim of a vote splitting disaster. Only a couple of more counts there.

Fianna Fail’s presence in Dublin Central is gone with Mary Fitzpatrick’s elimination. Maureen O’Sullivan (IND) has been elected there, only one count left. Mary Lou McDonald takes the last seat there.

Jim Daly (FG) takes the first seat in Cork South-West with Fianna Fail and Labour looking likely to take the other two.

0123: In Clare, Pat Breen (FG) and Michael McNamara (LAB) elected. Timmy Dooley (FF) and Joe Carey (FG) will be elected at the conclusion of what I swear will be the last count there with Independent James Breen missing out.

0125: Kevin Humphreys is elected in Dublin South East, ending that count with an even split of four seats between Fine Gael and Labour.

0126: Fine Gael are halfway to an overall majority.

0139: Longford-Westmeath will be adjourned after the next count. Ditto Cork South-Central.

Denis Naughton and Frank Feighan (both FG) have taken the last seats in Roscommon-South Leitrim.

We have passed 100 seats awarded. The 31st Dail, as it stands:


0140: Charle McConalogue has taken the last seat in Donegal North-East for Fianna Fail. They have not yet reached double figures.

0143: In order to get a majority, Fine Gael will need 38 of the remaining 63 seats.

0151: Looks like a Gilmore Gale in Dublin North-East, Sean Kenny to give Labour a second seat out of three, ahead of Sinn Fein’s Larry O’Toole.

Mary Lou McDonald (SF) finally wins an election that matters taking the last seat in Dublin Central. Sinn Fein are doubling their seats.

0201: The Clare count has finished. Dooley (FF) and Joe Carey (FG) take the last seats. It will be some comfort at least, that Fianna Fail maintained a presence in the Banner.

0212: Paudie Coffey takes a second seat for FG in Waterford. Kenneally should get one of the others for Fianna Fail with Ciara Conway likely to pick up the other for Labour.

0217: John Perry elected for FG in Sligo-North Leitrim. They need another count there, somehow.

0220: Right, that makes 17 and a half hours I’ve been at it, it’s time for bed. I’ll be back up and running for, hopefully, 1000 tomorrow, in a new post.. See ya then.

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