My Final Limerick City Prediction

In accordance with my final Dail outlook of the campaign, here’s my final Limerick City prediction.  Four seats up for grabs.

  1. Noonan (FG)
  2. O’Dea (FF)
  3. O’Sullivan (LAB)
  4. O’Donnell (FG)
  5. Quinlivan (SF)
  6. Leddin (LAB)
  7. Power (FF)
  8. Kiely (IND)
  9. Prendiville (SOC/ULA)
  10. Cahill (G)
  11. Riordan (IND)
  12. Larkin (IND)
  13. O’Donoghue (IND)

#1 and #2 will be close enough. O’Sullivan has enough public support to secure third, while O’Donnell has been making significant inroads in the second half of the campaign. Quinlivan will have enough of an “Adams Avalanche” to beat out a very quiet Joe Leddin, while Power is destined to lag behind. #8 #9 and #10 are fairly interchangeable, depends largely on how much of the FG vote Kiely is able to steal. The rest are also rans, who won’t get 400 votes between them.

So, two Fine Gaelers, one Fianna Failer and one Labour. Limerick turns blue, and Labour fail to extend their urban reach beyond Dublin and parts of Cork.

I see some new faces in five years though.

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