Limerick City: The Home Straight

A lot of Limerick candidates appear to have dropped off the map completely. I don’t just mean the also-rans, Riordan, O’Donoghue or Larkin.

Sheila Cahill has been quiet enough, any chance of a surprise with her (which would mean a mid place finish) failing fast from the sheer lack of attention.

Kevin Kiely, who made a bit of a stir when the campaign started, has just not been around that much. I can’t see any kind of scenario where he challenges.

Cian Prendiville seemed to be a candidate who would focus on new media for his campaign, but even that seems to have not come tp pass. Very quiet from him, I suspect a lack of funding may have been a problem.

Maurice Quinlivan has been a bit more active, plenty of news from his twitter, very positive outlook from his team. Still though, painfully little media attention, and his chances appear to have been written off for the most party.

Peter Power is also edging out of the picture, never having much of a chance to begin with. The interaction between him and O’Dea has been interesting to say the least, touching the surface of a hidden animosity.

Joe Leddin, for a man who might be considered to be knocking on the door of the Dail, has also not exactly been making many headlines in the last few week.s A quote here, a local radio debate there, but overall he isn’t getting a lot of attention, not even from his running mate. In fact, it’s Willie O’Dea of all people who namedropped him most noticeably, but I’ll get onto that in just a sec. As it is, I’m not convinced as I was previously that Leddin can overtake O’Donnell and get that last seat.

O’Sullivan has been busy pushing Labours health agenda nationwide but remains just a little less than a lock for re-election, the only question being if she can get Leddin in with her (or, maybe, if Leddin splits their vote?). The Labour team in Limerick does appear to be fraying just a little, perhaps a microcosm of Labours general state.

Noonan appears to be having a ball of a time really, full of jokes whenever he is on screen or radio. At this point, it’s merely a case of whether he or O’Dea tops the poll, and how much of a surplus they will be giving out to everyone else. And boy, are they just playing softball with each other. A bigger question then all that is what place Noonan will have in the next government and whether it will be the Finance job.

O’Dea remains a question mark to an extent. The polls and the bookies all indicate he won’t be in any trouble when it comes tor re-election and many are more interested in seeing just how far that local support will bring him. He’s lost votes in the redrawing of the constituency though and he’ll, of course, lose them due to his party and his actions over the last year. But how much of it? Enough for a shock? I don’t think so personally, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he came in third or even fourth at the end of counting.

He is a proud man though, as this report would indicate. He wants to win. Though he really should try to canvass in the right areas.

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