The Children Are Our Future…Referendum Topic (Three Days To Election)

Gerry Adams doesn’t think Ireland would suffer any harsh consequences if we failed to live up to the agreements of the EU/IMF bailout. I’m just going to leave that sentence as it is, I think it speaks volumes about his economic knowledge.

I’m not especially happy with Simon Coveney today, the Fine Gael man implying that bus driver num ers may be reduced due to their plans. Every member of my immediate family works or has worked for Bus Eireann so that is very concerning. State owned transport companies need more support, not more competition.

I think Martin’s radio appearance this morning was a bit of a bad idea. Fielding bad questions from the public on a canvas is one thing, publicly, on national radio, is another. You simply can’t spend an hour taking questions from pissed off people who are broke, unemployed or leaving the country, demanding answers, and come out of it looking good. He won’t be getting many more votes from that appearance.

Gilmore continues to push the “common ground” that his party has with Fine Gael rather than the differences as he did previously. The launching of Labours Children manifesto got sidetracked by more questions of renegotiation and FG/Lab relations, but you just can’t get away from those issues can you?

The actual manifesto was fine, and it is about time that the Irish government got round to holding that referendum on Children’s rights. Labour have hinted that such a referendum might be held in conjunction with the Presidential Election in September, years after the Ryan Report first recommended one. That is a fairly damning, and nonsensical, indictment of the Fianna Fail/Green coalition that delayed such a referendum, one that cannot possibly fail, for unfathomable reasons.

The ULA “protest” today was a little farcical for my taste. I want my politicians discussing issues and the like, not playing mock tug-of-war with guys in masks. Some signs that Boyd Barrett might not actually have the support to win a seat, against my initial expectations. A bad blow for PBP if that happens, but I’ll talk about that at a later date.

I’ll cover the debate later tonight, but not in the Liveblog format of the last one. I wasn’t especially happy with how that turned out, so instead I’ll just do what I did for the Donegal by-elections earlier this year, and do a write up as it’s on, then expand and publish later. I can only hope that this debate does not simply go over old ground that the others have covered, but I doubt it.

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