FG/Lab Or FG Vs Lab? (Eight Days To Election)

The big story remains Labour continuing assault on all thins Fine Gael, as they desperately try to make sure they have a place in the next government. It’s beginning to seem like everything Labour or Labor members are saying is directed at Fine Gael and its policies in some fashion. A big one today being the per household effect of tax plans. Limerick’s Michael Noonan claims Labours plan will cost every household upward of a 1’000 euro. Labour claims it won’t time will tell.

The thing with negative campaigning is that it isn’t too hard to react too and Fine Gael are doing the standard response, claiming that it simply shows Labour as desperate, panicked and underhanded. Labour has over a week to pull it back though.

Sinn Feins political reform plans are out. The idea that a party that makes up such a small proportion of the representitve chamber could write a new constitution “so that it is fully reflective of the values and aspirations of the Irish” is laughable.

Oh, and for the love of God, stop talking about a United Ireland like that is something that should be a primary, secondary, tertiary or any kind of goal of a political party right now.

We’re heading into the home stretch now. Every message is hardening, the talking points are starting to sound like they’re on repeat.

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